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What Happens When Unexpected Events Keep You From the Day?

I do believe things happen for a reason.

A couple of weeks ago I was excited to join a writing retreat when someone cancelled at the last minute.

This is Loon Lake, Maple Ridge, BC. A stunning area of retreat.

The retreat was near Vancouver, which meant about a four or five hour drive from the interior of the province, but I checked the weather, packed the car, and headed out.

The retreat was FAB! We stayed at a lodge on a lake and wrote a whole bunch.

The evenings saw every writer curled up, standing up, or at their computer writing. The reason I mention this is because what happens at retreats sometimes ends up being more chit chat than writing.

The creative energy was palpable and I tapped into it myself and got a lot done.

I connected with many of the writers which was really special because this group was well established.

See! It all happened for a reason. I had a truly wonderful experience and left inspired.

After the retreat I headed to a nearby city where I have family. My brilliant notion was to stay in a hotel and write some more (yay…I got my manuscript off to the editor), see some family, and then head home.

Well, what do they say about the best laid plans…?

A huge rain and wind storm hit the coast and wreaked havoc all over the province. Omg. Roads washed out, landslides, floods, and people trapped between slides. What a nightmare.

So, since I couldn’t go anywhere I decided to work and get things done… that is, until the power went out. Seriously!

Weird Weird day. My thoughts are with all those people in Merritt and other affected areas who were either evacuated, flooded, or stranded.

Being able to pivot and take it all in stride, is not always easy but often we don’t have a choice but to make it work. Mother Nature is the one who calls the shots… Appreciate her. Love her. Respect her.

Stay safe out there and hey, when you hit the highway this winter make sure you have a full tank of gas, a phone charger, and some wrapped snacks, because you never know.

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5 thoughts on “What Happens When Unexpected Events Keep You From the Day?”

  1. Good that you stayed at the hotel. It would have been terrible to be caught in that storm. Have you made it home yet?

    1. Hi Heather. Thanks for checking in. No I’m still stuck in Surrey at the moment but will head home tomorrow via the USA. Theres no indication of when the roads will open. Sigh. Such a terrible mess.

  2. I hope you guys are safe and sound and I loved the way you used this to say that everything happens for a reason I needed to hear that line so much today. Thankiieee!!!🤎✨

    1. Yes, we’re all safe where we are thank goodness. Yes, sometimes the we simply need to accept, and not question, what’s going on. It makes me happy that it helped you. oxox

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