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WeekEnd RoundUp! The Snow Came to Stay, I Got a New Poetry Book, and Nanaimo Bars.

here’s Piper and my bud Gibby sitting and watching the snow. Pipers toes get very cold but she refuses to wear booties. Gibby–well, he’ll snuggle in my pocket.

Well, though winter doesn’t officially arrive until December 21, 2021 (at 7:58 a.m. to be exact for the start of the winter solstice), it has parked itself on my doorstep with a stubborn boldness.

I’m ready to be done with it all. The snow, the ice, the cold… Nope, I’m a fair-weather girl. Mind you, I don’t like it too hot either. No, that’s not good. Let’s just say I like just riiiiiiiiight!

lol… perhaps there’s a wee bit of Goldilocks in me. Who knew?!

The snow is very pretty and I’d like to some how find a way to preserve it to keep our forests safer and the wildfires at bay. If only…

A Lovely Surprise….

I received a lovely gift in the mail from my friend Carol Rose GoldenEagle. She is the current Poet Laureate of Saskatchewan. She recently released a book of poetry and she sent me a copy! Thank you Carol. I’ll cherish it. Click HERE to purchase.

eSSENTIAL INGREDIENTs A poetry collection was published by Inanna Publications and Education Inc.

I read these poems for her about a year ago. GoldenEagle is a woman of Cree and Dene descent who lived through the sixties scoop. This book is her journey through life with her heritage, her experiences, and her three children.

She has included recipes for things like moose soup and bannock. The cover (which is so stunning) of the book, is her own art. I also feel humbled by her acknowledgment to me. Thank you Carol.

Support a poet. Support a Canadian writer.

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Nanaimo Bars…

Not that many years ago, I used to do a lot of Christmas baking. I remember being involved in a cookie/squares exchange where everyone in the group made a dozen cookie for each member. A variety of delectable delights was enjoyed by all.

Best next to home made. Nanaimo Bar from Wouda’s Bakery. Not too sweet. Just right.

It dawned on me one day, that I was the only one eating them. Lol… Did it dawn or did I always know? ha ha….

My son doesn’t have a sweet tooth and my hubby could take it or leave it. Well, I made up for everyone. Sigh… now I don’t even bother.

I miss the Butter Tarts my mom used to make. She’d also make extra and leave out the raisons (I never liked raisons).

My sister and I used to bake up a storm at Christmas. We’d do shortbread, decorated sugar cookies, rum balls, and lemon bars. My favorite though was Nanaimo Bars made from scratch.

A good Nanaimo Bar has a firm, yet crumbly crust, a buttery (and not too sweet) icing/custard like filling, a smooth bitter sweet chocolate top.

Making your own is really the only way to ensure you have the best, but alas there’s one bakery in my town that makes the next best. This week I indulged and had my one Nanaimo Bar for the season. Already looking forward to December 2022 for my next one.

Have a great weekend.

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4 thoughts on “WeekEnd RoundUp! The Snow Came to Stay, I Got a New Poetry Book, and Nanaimo Bars.”

  1. I make my own Nanaimo bars too. But only occasionally because I can’t leave them alone. Unfortunately my husband loves butter tarts with raisons and peans. They are also not done often. But then again this is Christmas. Yippee

    1. I hear you about the Nanaimo Bars. My sister and I perfected them over the years … now, I’ll buy one from a good bakery and remind myself why I don’t make them. 😁 Enjoy all that beautiful baking Lauren. 🥰

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