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Resolutions Done? Five Ways to Reset for a Gentle January

January. Is it really a Fresh Start?

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I want to check in with you and see how your January is going. It’s a tough time of year for many people.

The holidays, such as they were with Covid, are done and you’re back to everyday routines.

Sigh… Every day life? Let’s be real. You call it a New Year. You toss confetti and send that last year packing… or so you hope.

The thing is, the world isn’t that simple. The stuff you’re lugging around follows you right into the new year too.

Sad but true.

Intrinsically, we all know this. It’s not rocket science. When that clock stuck midnight on December 31, 2021, nothing stopped or magically changed.

Many often try to grapple for a new start, but it can fade quickly and lead to feelings of depression, sadness, and failure.

We’re Half Way Through the January.

According to the New York Post, resolutions are starting to fall off and your lives/habits will resume to those left 2021. So no change?

Seems sort of sad after you partied for it and everything.

The decision to make resolutions or self promises is a personal one and does work for some. The million dollar question of New Years Resolutions can follow you well into the new year. I discussed it at length HERE.

If the resolutions have fallen by the way side, be gentle with yourself. You’ve had enough stress to bust a bubble a thousand times over.

And you know, even if you didn’t have resolutions and are simply exhausted from the post holiday, present pandemic, and all the upheaval… Hey, this is for you too.

Here’s what you’re going to do….

The Remainder of this Month Will Now Be “Gentle January”.

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The first thing is to take a deep breath and blow it out long and hard. Recognize that the world is still in a topsy-turvy, state of pandemic, and full of uncertainty.

Those stresses alone create anxiety and upheaval. There’s no need to put more on top of that.

Don’t beat yourself up for “failing” something that was wasn’t meant to be at this time. It’ll still be there tomorrow, next month, next season.

I want you to chose one thing for your physical or mental health and commit to it. Below are some ideas. Feel free to add your own.

If you want to do all five that’s fine, but I’d rather you choose one or two that you can really handle and commit to for the rest of the month, and perhaps into February.

Here are Five ideas: They’re free. They’re not time consuming. Choose ONE or TWO and make them happen everyday for the rest of your Gentle January.

  1. Minimum of ten minute walk outside everyday. More is fine. But commit to ten.
  2. 2 minutes of stretching everyday…same rule for stretching as walking. 2 minutes.
  3. Every day in a spiral note book write down two things you want–anything! fame? fortune? nothing is off the table, but it must be everyday–just two things.
  4. For the remainder of January you’re to have a shower every single day. Wash your hair, use lovely smelling conditioner. And moisturize that lovely skin…all over-every day.
  5. Everyday look yourself in the mirror and say “Hi. You’re important and I love you.”

In February, if you want to continue with the one or two you chose then do so, and see if you’re ready to add one more–or my suggestion would be to continue and don’t rock the boat. When you’re ready add another.

Don’t push too hard. Remember–no added pressure is needed in your life.

A New Year. A Different January.

It’s okay for things not to dramatically turn in another direction. Time and a gentle approach with yourself will carry you to the next day–and at this point, that may be as far as you can see.

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Step Softly Through the Rest of Gentle January.

Auntie Lesson:

Life is too short to put so much pressure on yourself that it breaks your spirit. It’s okay to slow down. It’s okay if those New Years Resolutions are tossed. Embrace a gentler path with yourself.

I’d love to know how you’re doing. Please let me a note in the comments. What one or two will you choose to do? What others would you recommend to the readers? Take the line…Step softly through the rest of Gentle January and embrace it.

23 thoughts on “Resolutions Done? Five Ways to Reset for a Gentle January”

  1. Thanks Faye. My resolution to myself was to do one creative thing a day. A few days I have adapted that to thinking about one creative thing. And that’s ok.
    I do love your suggestion of a note on the mirror. That would benefit me and my family. That will be my creative thing for today. Or at least I can think about it today and do it tomorrow.

  2. I’ve managed to write “morning page” every day so far this year. As pointless as it sometimes seems, I have found a higher level of creative energy since doing so.

    Opinions seem to differ, but on average, it takes 66 days to form a new habit.

    1. Hi Sally. This is wonderful. The fact that you found something that gives back and doesn’t add to the pressure of the day or life… Morning pages can be such a wonderful exercise. Keep going and I hope it becomes habit for you…🥰

  3. My resolution for 2022 is to write four novels this year. And hopefully get all of them published. I am so g lad you posted this right now I am suffering from pretty severe writers block and this is a great idea. Thanks

    1. Wow. Four novels in one year? That’s a heck of a goal. That darn writers block is your resistance to getting the work done. It’s a tough one. Deep breath. Don’t get down on yourself but do be gentle. Sometimes we need to step back and reassess without judgement. 🥰

      1. I wrote two novellas and a novel in nine months of last year of course I had a dog that was able to sit on it’s own butt and didn’t need to sit on my lap full time. That’s helpful. and I didn’t have this awful writers block.

    1. Hi Lauren. Don’t try and do too much. Leave time to breathe. These five are also suggestions and you can always develop your own ways. Enjoy the rest of your Gentle January. 🥰

  4. I love this post – I’ve definitely been beating myself up for the rough start to the year (a sick household and very little energy to tackle the smallest things). I’ve been thinking more and more of tackling one resolution a month to make it into more of a habit than tackling them all at once. As you say, we’re still in the midst of a pandemic and that makes everything harder!

    Gentle January sounds lovely. I’ll join you 🙂

    1. Yay! Welcome aboard Erin. I love the idea of one resolution/change a month. Why is it that we heap ourselves with all this responsibility for change….it’s such a set up, isn’t it? Sounds like you have your hands full. Enjoy the rest of your Gentle January. You deserve it!🙌🥰

  5. My way of celebrating a gentle January was to do my morning workout on my front porch this morning, wearing my usual workout gear. five minutes and I was done, and I had told Old Man Winter what I thought of his cold snap.

    1. Lol. 😂Philip! That is totally awesome. Go kick owls man winter in the teeth! Stay warm. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It really is appreciated. 😊

  6. I also strive for #1-4. The weather is unpredictable but, yes, even a short walk outside is good. Routines can also be important. I try to a minimum amount of time to write each day besides rising and having some kind of a schedule. It helps in this season and during this chaotic time. Thanks for the post.

    1. Hi Jackie! Omg–Yes! Routines are so important and sometimes we need to push ourselves to follow. I think the pandemic really shook things up for so many and the impact is still felt today. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. It really is appreciated.

  7. I had to think about this one because I am not one for routine. I get bored easily, but I think I need to keep my promises to myself. I am as important as anybody else. And I need to start walking. I have stretches I try to keep up with, but even those have been difficult lately. That has to stop.

    1. Hi Diana! Thanks for visiting. Yes, I’m the same way. We *know* what we *should* be doing, but it’s a question of actually putting one step in front of another. I’m not sure why it’s so difficult. I hope you can do the walking. It’s so important to health…break it up…just a few minutes at a time and it adds up. I hope you have a great rest of a gentle January.

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