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Why I Need to Let 2022 Fade Away–the Sooner the Better

Hi everyone. My apologies for being away once again. It’s been a pretty intense week.

I’m ready to let go of 2022 and embrace a new beginning.

I know time is a continuum and what we have today stays with us for tomorrow, but I also recognize the healthy choice of being able to move forward.

The brain is so powerful in our health and well-being that for survival’s sake, I must embrace the idea of letting 2022 slip into the past and in turn welcome new experiences, people, and challenges into my personal world.

Great Highs of 2022

The year started off gently and slowly. I even did a great blog that still applies today about resetting your focus and having a Gentle January. It’s still very applicable–go take a look.

I signed a contract with an agent representative at a new and upcoming Literary Agency.

This was so significant because the support and understanding of my work was lacking. That’s all changed and I’m more hopeful about being traditionally published.

My agent believes not only in my work, but in me. That is huge.

My June trip to New York City was a definite high-light of the year, as was spending time with my many nieces and nephews, and other family as we laughed and enjoyed life.

The biggest event for me for 2022 was the Wine Country Writers’ Festival. Wow. That was a massive undertaking that proved to be such a great accomplishment for myself and those involved.

The Festival had so many moving parts and we were able to make them all work together.

Next year is already being planned and we’ll be putting on a great writing contest and Festival. Mark your calendar for September 22/23/24, 2023.

Not So Great in 2022

May health, both mental and physical, were hugely tested last year.

I’m so grateful for a wonderful doctor and eventual recoup of all the wackiness to regain my health.

There was some other colourful crap that crept through the seams of life to really shake me up—and that doesn’t happen easily.

Sigh. The following all came wrapped in personal sadness and self doubt which was a challenge.

This year I experienced some personal situations where I struggled to understand others’ motivation toward different things. I was taken aback by some who I felt I knew, but was mistaken.

Is this something that perhaps happens everyday without us realizing it?

Do we suddenly open our eyes with different lenses and see a changed world? People who we’ve known forever all of a sudden become strangers? or perhaps they’re the same and its me who’s seeing things from alternative angles?

I’ve been advised to “get over it” and “it’s time to let it go”, but can we just drop things like a rock and forget it never happened?

No, that’s no possible. Our brains don’t work that way.

While you may be able to open a box and place those heinous experiences into various compartments and slam the lid shut, every once in a while, they snake out of their confinement to poke and prod at our psyche. That sucks. Big time.

For me the lessons have been learned. I’m sometimes told I’m too sensitive… Is that possible? Is that a bad thing? I’d seriously like to know.

So, that’s been a huge distraction in 2022… but it got even worse…

And Then…

On December 18th, 2022, my sister Maureen collapsed and died.

She was only 73.

There are no words.

My heart is broken. It’s an end to a fractured year.

And December 26, was the 25th Anniversary of my little brother Gordon’s death.

He was only 31.


We continue forward in life. We mourn. We grow. We make choices.

That’s what makes a New Year so exciting—we can come to a new path and choose a different direction.

If you’re stuck, I implore you, to make the hard decisions. Don’t wait until disaster strikes or you reach the end of your rope.

Make the jump. Take the road less travelled. Prove it to yourself….Any cliche you can think of—grasp hold and go for it.

Please let me know what you’re doing and how you’re going to change things up!

For 2023 I want more interaction with y’all. And—I’ll share more of my creative writing.

For now, enjoy the freshness of the New Year and we’ll chat soon.

Faye 😊


5 thoughts on “Why I Need to Let 2022 Fade Away–the Sooner the Better”

  1. Hi Faye. It sounds like you had such a disastrous year. So sorry about your sister and brother.
    When people say you’re too sensitive, they are saying the wrong thing. They should be asking you…what’s wrong? When people disappoint you and you see a side you never saw before, it makes you question life. I understand it’s so hard to deal with. Get over it… easier said than done.
    Happy New Year, Faye. 💕

  2. Hi Faye. Happy New Year!
    I remember when your brother passed and now your sister so sorry to hear that. Sounds like you’ve had a very tough year.
    I know when someone you trust disappoints you, it is very difficult to deal with. When people say get over it, it is much easier said than done.
    When someone tells you, you’re too sensitive they are saying the wrong thing. They should be asking you… What’s wrong? Have a great first day of 2023.

    1. Hi Heather. Life happens whether we’re standing still or going a million miles an hour. Sometimes it hits all at once.
      I thank you for your kind words and wisdom. All the best for 2023. 💕

  3. Oh Faye. What a year for you. The Writers fest was a highlight for me too. My first networking event with other writers! So fun! I am a sensitive person, and I can tell you, I find it very hard to let go of stuff too. And when I know a relationship is worth letting go of stuff for, I just do it. And when it’s not, I let that relationship fade away along with my angst. So sorry to hear of your sister. Sisters are so special.

    1. Hi Caryn! Thx for the kind words. The WCWF was a huge highlife. So fun.
      I’m like you and tend to allow things to fade but not until I’ve analyzed and picked the entire thing apart!!
      This one though i believe is an opportunity for a character in a story. We’ll see.
      Thx for sister condolences. Sigh. Just sucks and hurts and reminds me to live now. Tough one.
      Happy 2023.

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