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WWW Wednesday #27 A Little Whimsy as I Find My Knight in Shining Armor With His Wee Army

Hi Everyone. I hope this finds you well and getting through the Gentle January.

All is well in my world given the present circumstances of the world.

My husband, Michael, runs a Uniques Shop called Raven’s Oddities. It houses stuff that’s weird, obscure, one-of-a-kind, antique, and stuff you didn’t even know you needed! It’s a really fun walk through and makes for fun pix.

So this week I met my knight in shining armor (even though I already have one), and a chess set that represents his army.

Pretty cool, eh?

How’s your Wednesday going?

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Tell me what you think of the Knight!

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4 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday #27 A Little Whimsy as I Find My Knight in Shining Armor With His Wee Army”

  1. I just reread your ‘Gentle January” and your “Resolutions” blogs. Thanks for the inspiration. I always delay making resolutions until Chinese New Year (Feb. 1st this year) as by then all my impossible hopes for self-improvement have faded by then, thank goodness. Cute knight in shining armor but I prefer my knights without a tin covering. 🙂

    1. Hi Aggie. Thanks for checking these out. lol. I too prefer my knights to be more quiet when they move as you pointed out…this guy is a bit tinny!! Gung Ho Fat Choi. (I hope I said that right). I love that we get another start, so to speak. 🥰

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