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WWW Wednesday #28 A Wonderful Cuddle With My Favorite Golden Retriever

I love reading.

I love my golden retriever, Piper.

Why not combine the two for an afternoon of cuddles? So that’s what I did. Make sure you watch the seven seconds of video to see Piper’s reaction. She’s so cute.

This is my Wonderful for this week… Enjoy.

Video of me and Piper curled up reading The Maid.

Who do you like to read with? Do you cuddle up with your pooch and a good book? Leave me a comment below.

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Have a wonderful, glorious day everyone.

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4 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday #28 A Wonderful Cuddle With My Favorite Golden Retriever”

  1. If I had a dog it would be like that. I do dog sit for my son’s dogs. One of them wants to snuggle all the time.

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