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Auntie’s Asking #1: Do You Think Love Can Last Forever?

Why is Auntie Asking?

Isn’t it funny how sometimes we all have the same question, but no one asks it? It’s like not raising your hand in class because you feel everyone else knows the answer and you don’t wanna look stupid for asking.

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Rest assured, there’s no stupid questions here, and no stupid answers.

There’s always the reality where one question can set off a firestorm of other questions or opinions–and you know, that’s okay.

There’s no right. There’s no wrong. It’s about considering the question and how it hits you personally.

What Kind of Questions is Auntie Asking?

Who knows what kind of questions will arise? Sometimes, it depends on mood, world events, or the weather… Who knows? It doesn’t matter so long as it’s a question you find worth answering.

Like, can you tell me in all seriousness, why did that stupid chicken cross the road? She’s lucky not to be roadkill! Ugh.

I Like to Answer Questions and I Like to Ask Them Too…

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I’ve been answering questions for years… from my mom–where the hell have you been? Oops… tried to sneak in at 3am unnoticed… didn’t work.

From a couple different dudes…will you marry me? This one is one of those questions where you seriously need to get the answer right, ’cause it could be the difference between “praying for the end of time” (Meatloaf) or “Yeah, sure…” and then the next day…”Um, I don’t think this is gonna work…” (that was me…twice. Third time the charm, right?)

Or, Auntie what’s a virgin? a slut? What does it mean if you t-bag someone? How do you break up with someone? How do you know it’s time to break up? I really like a guy, should I tell him? I’ll answer anything and everything under the sun.

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My niece who asked me what a virgin was, tells me today that she already knew the answer and she was thinking (at age 13) about sex.

I took the easy and safe route all those years ago and said something like …virgin means untouched…like virgin snow. LOL.

This makes me laugh now, but I really skirted the issue way back then, didn’t I?


Tell me your thoughts. Tell me why you think that. I want to know the answer to this question…

So the question today…

Do you think love can last forever?

I can’t wait to see your answers.

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4 thoughts on “Auntie’s Asking #1: Do You Think Love Can Last Forever?”

  1. In some cases yes. But I think it’s in the minority. It also depends on whether were talking about love or in love.

  2. Love is love. Grief is grief. Fear is fear. I believe all are cumulative. I find when I am grieving, all previous experiences of grief come to the surface, to bring familiarity – and clarity – that I will recover and even find relief in my grief. When I am afraid, I remember being afraid before. My physical body remembers, as does my spirit – and the earlier experiences bring recognition – and an awareness – that if I pay attention, I am reminded how to comfort and calm myself. Love – yes, I believe it can last forever. I love my husband, my family, my friends and my dog. I love reading, writing, knitting, and gardening. I have loved – and lost – been loved – and deeply hurt, sometimes by the same person. Love is cumulative too – and whether it is old love, or new – for another – or for self, the feeling of love lasts forever.

    1. Hi Laurel. So well said! Wow. 🥰 I didn’t consider all those other things or the cumulative nature of love. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and heart. xo

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