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April is Poetry Month! What Inspires You?

I’ve been travelling through Arizona, Nevada, and Utah over the last month and it’s been quite the experience. I’ve met many new people, seen new places, and even visited some old stomping grounds.

It’s difficult to capture the stunning capacity of Zion or Snow Canyon in pictures or in words. Today I’ll share a poem that was inspired by the beauty of mountains. I hope you like it.


Stories in layers
Placed upon each other
Constantly saving secrets
     a picture of time.

by Faye E. Arcand

What inspires your poetry? Where does it come from?

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8 thoughts on “April is Poetry Month! What Inspires You?”

  1. This poem is mountain: Lovely! Inspiration? Like you, I think it’s all around just waiting to be found. Some days, it’s easy to find. Some days, I have to hunt for it.

  2. Faye that is beautiful! Thank you for sharing and for letting me know it was poetry month!! Somehow this escaped me (?) Poetry is one of my favorite things in the world. What I love about poetry is it’s ability to tell a story in only a few words and powerfully. It creates an emotion–an experience. Your words created the emotion of your experience and allowed me to be there. That is what I LOVE about poetry!!

    1. Welcome Olivia! Thank you so much for your kind words. I too love poetry and the contemplative nature of it. While I don’t do it often, I’m falling under its spell! Thank you so much for visiting and commenting. It means a lot. 😊

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