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WWW Wednesday #37 Wonderful Sign of Inspiration…

As I travelled through the U.S. with my husband over the last month, we hit many rest-stops and gas stations.

One day, I walked into the store of a gas station in search of the restroom. Well, I came around the corner and was met by this sign.

It’s interesting, because until that point I was tired and grumpy after sitting in the truck for several hours. I read this and immediately felt a sense of lightness and smiled.

I was instantly reminded how easy it can be to make someone else feel good–and on that day, I was the recipient 🤗. How wonderful is that?

Have a super day. Let me know if the sign speaks to you today. I hope so.

Picture taken by me in one of the many gas stations I visited in the US. I didn’t note which one. It was either in Arizona, Utah, Oregon, or Washington. Have you ever see this door?

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