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September 10th, 2022. Suicide Prevention Day–Checking In

Hi Everyone. I hope this finds you well.

I wanted to touch base with you all to remind you that today is 2022 World Suicide Prevention Day and it’s important to check in on yourself, your partner, your kids, you friends, neighbors, co-workers, and anyone else you care about.

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That really sounds like quite a task, doesn’t it?

The thing is that you probably already know who is at risk in your circle of people.

While we may get used to the everyday behavior and nitter-natter that occurs on a daily basis, there sometimes a cloak of privacy, shame, and embarrassment that keeps the other from speaking freely.

Know their limits and respect them, but let them know you’re available to check in.

There are now many national organizations that assist with mental health and those dark thoughts, but they’re not in on what’s going on. You know your partner… talk to them.

I know you can’t do it all. We’re only human. We are fallible. Being aware of what’s going on with those closest to you is not always easy. people become masters at hiding the truth, but if you suspect or have a gut feeling, go with it.

And, don’t forget about yourself.

Are you hiding behind the mask of a smile? Do you find yourself pretending to be ultra positive--life is dreamy sort of thing–simply because that’s what you’re supposed to do? or Maybe you do things for other people, even when you don’t want to, just to make them happy.

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Don’t wait. Medical/mental health assistance and counseling are available both in-person and online.

Seek help if you can. Talk to someone to air your truth. You don’t need to be alone.

I know that most of this is simply a reminder to all.

It’s a day set aside to nudge us into some action and awareness.

Have you ever considered the reality that the World Health Organization even had to develop a Suicide Prevention Day? That should tell you a lot.

Believe it or not, suicide is happening around you every single day.

Members of your own community are dealing with it as we speak. It’s not a joke or something to be joked about. It’s reached crisis levels and we all need to check in.

Please see the information below.

Canadian Association of Suicide Prevention

Call 1.833.456.4566.
Toll free | 24/7/365

Text 45645 4 p.m. – midnight ET

Call 911 if the needed

Professionals are there to help not to judge. They want to listen.

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Take care of yourself and those you love.

Source: The Depression Project

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4 thoughts on “September 10th, 2022. Suicide Prevention Day–Checking In”

  1. Thank you, Faye, for posting this. Many of my family members have considered suicide. Some succeeding. Just 3 months ago, I was able to help a family member get counselling and I keep checking on him. Losing him would have been as terrible as when I lost my son to suicide. It is not the best fix for a bad situation. Reach out. Get help. It may rid you of pain, but that pain doesn’t go away. It lands on your loved ones and torments them. Best to get to the root of the mental pain and pull it out like the noxious weed it is. We are all beautiful and worth it. It takes hard work and dedication. It is not easy. But it is definitely worth it.

    1. Hi Valerie. First–my condolences for you and your family. It sounds like you’ve been through hell.
      So difficult.
      I find one of the most difficult things is that it isn’t spoken of enough. People need privacy and I respect that but we also need solutions.
      I love how you talk about the noxious weed and yanking it out. And, yes. It is definitely worth it.
      Stay well. I think some people are very fortunate to have you in their corner. Thanks for taking the time to comment. It really is appreciated.

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