My Twisted Writer Brain…

A Happy Halloween Poem.

Listen as you read along…

Twas the night before the all hallows eve 
When I took my crooked broom and made to leave
On morrow we wait to see all through the hood
Creatures will screech—just as they should

I, in my witch hat, all ready to fly
Settled in with a goblin and let out a sigh
Children would trick n treat: full of such glee
I’d stare out the window to wait without guarantee

They’ll clamor and sprint up a strangers front step,
in snow boots, hats, and dragging costumes they’ll schlep.
Mommy and daddy only a few steps behind
checking the goods so seemingly kind 

The candy will dwindle as the little ones sleep
It’s a rite of passage, this parent technique.
We witches all know who the real thieves are 
as Snickers, Kisses, and Starbursts too all bid au revoir

It’s the same every year with each ghost and wee fairy
As the next days return to no gluten, sugar, and absolutely no dairy
It’s the way of the land, that’s what they all say
Zoomer kids are organic, protected and not led astray

I’m all ready to fly, cackle, and send a quick fright
but we’re not quite set so I’ll sit down and write
As I raise my eyes to the sky in it’s wondrous dark sheen
I'll simply wish you all a Happy Halloween. 

faye e. arcand

Read by me, Faye Arcand. Enjoy.

Scary Halloween music composed by Peder B. Helland

Witches and Halloween. Source pic from Unsplash artist: Kayla Maurais

Thanks for listening and reading along. Be safe and have fun.

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4 thoughts on “A Happy Halloween Poem.”

  1. Aw…that so cute! Not sure if I will be giving out treats this year because my husband and I and our son have Covid. Ugh! 🎃
    Nice to see you here. It’s been a while.

    1. Thanks Heather! So sorry to hear you all have Covid 😢. That really sucks. Kids don’t come to our place to trick or treat cuz we live on a hill 😂. All good tho. Please feel better soon. Hugs ❤️

  2. Oh, that was a lovely little ditty — with just enough scary bits…most especially:
    “The candy will dwindle as the little ones sleep
    It’s a rite of passage, this parent technique…”
    Thank you so much for sharing! Happy All Hallow’s Eve, everyone!

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