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Yes, People Still Believe in Love

I’m currently in Mexico with my husband. You see, he’s retired and has itchy feet so along I go too.

We had dinner last night at a local restaurant that we visited a few nights before where me being me, I ended up in a conversation with the waiter Mario.

He’s Mexican, 27 years old, handsome, and has the world before him. He speaks Spanish, English, and has even picked up a bit of German.

When I was 27, I was in a toxic relationship where all I did was give, give, give. When I think back, I’m disappointed in myself for not moving on sooner. Hell, it was a “relationship” I should never have been in.

The problem with such memories, is that it stains the present. Yes, I’m somewhat jaded.

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Last night I asked Mario what he thought of Valentine’s Day.

I like Valentine’s Day,’ he said.

But it’s so commercial,’ I said. ‘Love and appreciation should be given every day not just on Valentines’ Day.’

A flower given on Valentine’s Day has special meaning,’ Mario said. His head was lowered and his voice soft, ‘it shows the person love.

It was the sincerity in his voice and the conviction that shone through his eyes that made me stop my negative thinking.

Perhaps a day set aside for love is okay. If you’re wondering, yes, I still believe in love.

You? What’s your story?


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3 thoughts on “Yes, People Still Believe in Love”

  1. It’s been many years since I’ve received a valentine. I always drop hints so he knows that it’s Valentine’s Day….just in case. I am a bit of a romantic and I enjoy watching young people celebrate Valentine’s Day. Oh young love….it’s a beautiful thing.

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