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Happy Valentine’s Day 2023. Be Single. Be Married. Be You. Remember, it’s Just A Day…

Happy Valentine’s Day

Source: Unsplash: Aaron Burden. Here’s a Valentine’s Day kiss for you. Relax. Enjoy. Don’t hesitate to purchase your own chocolate!

Not too much changes in a year except time, age, and perhaps becoming a little less jaded.

Yesterday, I wrote of Mario. A young Mexican man who may have changed my mind about Valentine’s Day. You can read that post HERE.

Meeting and chatting with Mario made me lean toward the positive. I still think Valentine’s Day is over-hyped and too commercial, but you need to make it your own.

If you enjoy the whole February 14th thing, hey, go for it. Enjoy your day.

If you’re not really into the whole thing, remember to just do YOU.

A Day Does Not Define You-Take the Pressure Off

Is Valentine’s Day really the day of Love and Togetherness?

Nah! It’s just a bunch of stuff fed through the marketing chain of retail stores.

The day doesn’t define you anymore than St. Patrick’s Day represents all Irish people.

The reality though, is that many see Valentine’s as the ultimate day of recognizing love. Perhaps it’s because I seldom had a Valentine who paid me much heed when I was younger. My husband of 20+ years heaps on the flowers, the praise, the love… all year long.

When I was young I so wanted all the attention that Valentine’s Day seemed to offer. I wanted to be special, but I never got that. It took me a long time to learn that I needed to love myself and not depend on another person to provide that.

Being alone on Valentine’s Day is now a ‘thing’. People are embracing their singleness, but it also strikes me as a bit sad too as so many put another brick in their wall by being tough and nonconformist.

Some now do “Galentine’s” on February 13th where they get together with their girlfriends (nonsexual relationships) and celebrate in their own way. I don’t know if there’s a ‘Guyentine’s”, but if there’s not, there should be.

Just keep in mind that the day does not define you. Do you.

Everyday Should be About Love

You don’t need a date on the calendar to tell you when you should send a special gift or bestow special attention upon someone. It should be a constant and daily venture.

I think it means more when someone makes an effort because they want to and not because they feel obligated.

Keep that in mind next time you consider the whole love thing.

Check out some alternatives HERE.

Source: Unsplash: Andre Ouellet. Share your joy and love with a neighbor or friend who maybe alone or lonely. Spreading the love around doesn’t have to all be about hearts and kisses.

Enjoy Your Day…Just Keep in Mind That There are Several Months and Days Left in 2023 to Show You Care…

On top of Valentine’s Day, surprise your significant other in a few weeks time with Valentine’s Day like romance and attention…

In fact, do it often. Don’t save up for just one commercial day of the year… Nope. Be real. Be You.

Remember to give yourself a little love too–maybe a long bubble bath, a special dessert, or a diamond necklace.

Don’t wait for someone else to provide those things for you–Be your own Valentine.

Don’t Neglect the Other 364 Days of the Year

There are 365 days in a year. Show you care each and every day. Valentine’s Day is not the day of love. You have many opportunities to show you care. Take care of you, your well-being, and your mental well-being.

Love comes in many shapes, sizes, and packages. Today for Valentine’s Day the package is a heart. Give from the heart and receive with an open heart. Happy Valentine’s Day From Auntie. Pic by me.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it.

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