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Poetry Month. Here’s My Second Poem

A few days ago, I was out on my walk and this cloud seemed to appear from nowhere.

It was the only one in the sky.

Now, I know this sounds weird, but the cloud spoke to me… which culminated in the poem below.

The reference to ‘three back in the folds’… are two of my brothers and one sister who’ve passed. They’re with mom and dad….

I didn’t realize when I took the picture that there was a face, because all I saw was the brilliant contrast of the feathers against the sky. That face… is my mom.

So, I took this picture and continued on my walk. By the time I looped back, the cloud was gone and the sky was completely clear.

I hope you enjoy… Thanks for reading.

thanks mom

i saw your message written in the clouds
a feather with its dainty arms floating
quivering against the brilliant blue sky
calling for recognition and reflection

i knew immediately it was meant for me 
as uniquely familiar souls shone amongst wisps
now three back in the folds of your arms
together without pain--am i jealous? perhaps...

but not yet ready as i listen to you
humming a peaceful song of reassurance 
a whiff of channel no. 5 aloft in the breeze
will be embrace enough for now but know...

i saw your message written in the clouds

by faye e arcand


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6 thoughts on “Poetry Month. Here’s My Second Poem”

  1. Lovely to feel your loved ones’ presence on your walk today!

    I am not doing NaPoWriMo this year. I am doing #30Words30Days instead. It’s 30 word microfiction to a prompt each day. Some people think they’re poems. So far, mine connect in a larger narrative, which is fun. I write, then put it on an image, then post to my blog.

    1. Hi Shawn. Thanks for stopping by. Very much appreciated. It was a really lovely experience ‘seeing’ my mom on a a walk.
      I like the idea of micro fiction. Maybe next year. 😊

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