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This is What Happens When You Don’t Pay Attention

The other day I took the dog for a walk just as I do every day.

It’s a rather mindless task where I often zone out and let my mind wander.

Well, dang barn it if I didn’t do just that when I lost my balance and fell.

My initial thought was … don’t break anything! I don’t have time for hospitals, casts, or doctors.

My next thought was–how did that happen?

One second I was strolling… simply watching the dog and the next, my phone skidded across the paved path and the leash that I had tucked under my arm, clunked and bounced onto the grass.

It’s a weird feeling…falling.

There’s no net. There’s no cushioning the blow. It’s just boom and blah.

The park was deserted except for a lone man. He came and asked me if I was okay. He also retrieved my phone and once he determined I was fine, hurried on his way.

I shook off the kinks, checked out my road rash and continued on my walk.

I’m still not sure what happened.

I may have caught the edge of the sidewalk, but I fell the other direction so that doesn’t make sense. Did my ankle give out? Well, it never has before so I see no reason why it would now.

It’s the mystery of not paying attention. Those seconds are now history and I’ll have to live without them. Sigh…

Have you ever done anything like this? How you do shake it off?

So much can happen when our minds are elsewhere. There’s really no solution as we can’t wrap ourselves in bubble wrap or strap ourselves into the safety zone… shit happens. Simple as that.

I’ll try and pay better attention, but can’t promise.

The other thing I need to do is plug into where my thoughts are. Does that make sense?

Perhaps I needed the wakeup fall… (lol–did you catch that? omg I’m so funny… not a wake up “call” … but “fall”….yeah yeah… I know you’re smart and don’t need me explaining everything but… okay, okay.)

Have a super day. I’m sure gonna try to.


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7 thoughts on “This is What Happens When You Don’t Pay Attention”

  1. So glad you’re OK but sorry that happened! I slid down our stairs once while pregnant and now I’m super focused when walking down them – especially while carrying the kids! Falling is not fun at all.

    1. Thanks Erin! Omg… falling while pregnant. That must’ve been so scary. It’s amazing how quickly things can happen. Sometimes when I try to be hyper-vigilant I lose focus on the other obstacles. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Being aware and focused really does make a difference. Thanks for your note. 💕

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