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Change is in the Air… Bring it on!

My son just left the country.

This plan of his to travel and explore the world, has been in the works for quite some time, but that doesn’t mean it’s any easier when the time actually comes to say goodbye.

A picture of me, hubby, and son… Son left the next morning for a long-term adventure in Japan. My Pic

The sudden realization that the day to say sayonara, ciao, or until we meet again… is suddenly on top of you, and you realize they’re really going to go–without you!

It makes me think back to when I was his age… Omg… the stunts I pulled and the things I did 🤦🏻‍♀️ (I won’t go in to details, but suffice it to say that my parents had zero clue as to what was going on in my life… I’d also like to say how thankful I am that there were no cameras or social media). I simply walked out the door and lived my life.

Regrets? You betcha. Some big ones… (like 180-200 pounds–give or take)😩. Lessons learned… invaluable and life-changing…and here I am today.

Times have changed.

Parents/caregivers now step into their role with much more focus and engagement (than when I was a kid). That’s simply a reality of the changes in technology and the world we now live in.

Letting go is tough but as parents we need to remember that this is their journey.

All young people need to make their own decisions and carve out their path. Mistakes and errors of judgement bring forth lessons and experience.

At YVR….

As a parent you need to remind yourself that this is a normal rite of passage and while it may take a while to adjust, it will eventually settle into a new norm.

It’s the season for change.

September is coming and many young people will head off to university or college. For some littles, they’ll start Kindergarten or even daycare/preschool for the first time. For many, separation will be a new experience–know that it’ll be okay.

Kids and young people look to the reactions of the adults in their life to gage reactions and emotions. Be strong for them.

Trust that your teachings have prepared them for the world. I know it’s hard.

For me, September has always been a time to start something fresh and new. It’s like a new year… And I’ll tell you, for me, that’s the way I’m embracing this change and taking charge of what I do… that’s all I can do.

The time for a shift in energy and focus is not only required, but unavoidable.

Stay tuned! Auntie Says… will be seeing some major changes in the coming days.

It’s time to ramp it up. Change is in the air and I’m excited.

Talk soon.


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6 thoughts on “Change is in the Air… Bring it on!”

  1. You have a brave attitude about your only child going off to explore the world. My heart worries for him but I know your attitude is the right one. They should do what their heart tells them to do. I wish him all the best and most of all…safety. Imagine the stories he will tell when he returns.
    It will be an exciting time for your new life too.

    1. Thanks Heather! I think we always worry about our babies! He’s really smart and have to trust that he’ll use those smarts!🤓. It’s tough. 😢

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