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Day Eight. There’s no Novel in NaNo Right Now, But it’s All Good.

No, I’ve not given up. I committed to 1500 words every day this month and dang barn it, I’ll make it work.

I seriously love NaNo but for the first time ever, my writer brain is fighting me at every corner.

I suppose it doesn’t help that I’ve been traveling and preoccupied with so many other things going on, but hey that’s life isn’t it?

Here’s a short video of what we faced on our drive home last night:

I’m not feeling as focused as I usually am. I’m itching to go back to my two previous projects that require completion and do just that. I seriously think my brain is fighting me on what I need to write, not the fact that it needs to be done.

Today for example. A short story emerged from nowhere–it’s 1511 words so that’ll be my word count for today but hey, where the heck is the novel?

If you’re struggling like I am, then simply continue on completing your daily word count for the entire month. If you write twenty different things, that’s okay–don’t worry about it… the fact is that you’re getting into the habit of writing everyday and owning it. That’s awesome.

The nice thing about NaNo is that it’s all yours. No one should be dictating how you complete it. Perhaps you’re doing a poem every day–Bravo. Or perhaps you’re doing Flash–Yay You! Or maybe you’re on chapter ten of a great epic fantasy novel. Brilliant!

There is absolutely no use in beating yourself up about slipping in and out of different projects. Define NaNo your way.

So with that said, here’s my numbers for the month so far:

  1. Day One: 496
  2. Day Two: 3244
  3. Day Three: 719
  4. Day Four: 599
  5. Day Five: 1387
  6. Day Six: 448
  7. Day Seven: 30
  8. Day Eight 1511

Total to Date: 8,434 (target 45000)


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