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Why You Need To Talk To Someone If You’re Bullied

I didn’t know it but I’d been the target of a group of bullies dressed in chiffon and ribbons. I did however feel the shame and humiliation. I can still feel it today as I feel their eyes looking me up and down--judging.

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Bullying. Why You Must Speak Up and Speak Out.

I just returned from Japan. It’s my old stomping ground actually as several years ago I taught English and lived on the island of Kyushu. On this trip, my family members and I travelled through to Penticton's Sister City Ikeda and experienced true Japanese hospitality.  It was truly a wonderful experience. When we left we… Continue reading Bullying. Why You Must Speak Up and Speak Out.

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Dating Should NOT Include Abuse and Manipulation

Is you partner hyper critical and always putting you down? If they tell you you’re fat or stupid—dump them—now. If a partner tells you how to think or tells you that you’re opinions/beliefs are wrong…that’s not love.