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The Difficulties of Dating During Covid 19

Life has forever changed, and that means we all need to adapt to new routines and lifestyles.

Here’s a scenario for you: it’s March 1, 2020, when you’re introduced to the person who could be your soulmate. There’s a genuine connection, the heart is doing flips and flops, and then BAM a pandemic slams the doors of opportunity and you’re now at home. 

Talk about timing! I’m sure this happened to a few people for sure. 

So here’s the thing, you can look at this as being an opportunity or a hinderance. It’s up to you. There are some basic rules though.

With text, video, and phone you’re never far away from each other. This can be a blessing in disguise.

When couples start dating, the physical chemistry can hinder getting to know each other. 

Huh? Say What?

Yup, that sexual chemistry is such a powerful pull can end up pulling a relationship off in a direction that neither of you may be ready for. See, when you’re kissing all over each other, you’re not talking or thinking straight. You’re not getting to know each other’s likes and dislikes, hope and dreams. 

When distance is imposed you have to get to know each other differently. Words are needed, and it can  be a very good thing. Talking and listening are the best ways to find out what the other person is about. No distractions, no misunderstood body language—just good old-fashioned communicating. 

You can watch movies online together, you can sing songs, or watch Youtube. Note to remember…don’t send nude photos…they last forever. Sexting…well, I’ll leave that your discretion but make sure the relationship is worthy of that intimacy–and yes even on the phone it’s intimate. Stop and think is all I ask.

While this may sound completely boring, you need to make a choice whether or not  to continue the relationship. Believe me, by getting to know each other from a distance, you’ll take the relationship to a place you may never have reached before. 

Now the rules—and they’re tough. 

You have to wait for the green light from health authorities before you jump up and run out the door to meet in the park.  If you want to go for a walk, you must be social distancing to stay safe. 

You must also remember those around you.

Covid 19 doesn’t discriminate and whether you realize it or not, you or your friend could carry the virus. You do not want to be responsible for bringing a virus home to a family member with a compromised immune system or an elderly grandparent. 

Keep talking on the phone. Keep up with the video chats. Keep your family—and you—safe. 

You will get to be together eventually—remember your masks. Right now you have to be mature and make wise choices. 

Let’s hope we can get back to a semblance of normal sooner rather than later.

4 thoughts on “The Difficulties of Dating During Covid 19”

  1. I always say that it’s best to get to know someone first before having sex, but I get it we’re all sexual creatures. COVID-19 gives singles a chance to give more time to getting to know someone through phone calls or zoom dates. Thanks for sharing your insight.

    1. Thanks for you comments Darah. Very much appreciated. You are so right. We’re all sexual creatures but it really does pay off to take your time. xo

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