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Sometimes Good Things Just Happen Out of the Blue

Yesterday, I received a call from a magazine asking if they can reprint one of my blogs in their magazine.

Though I don’t know the lady, I’m familiar with the publication.

Someone saw my blog, the article resonated, and she took it back to the editor. Life is good, eh?

The article is about 400 words. I get paid $50. They’ll include bi-line and links to my blogs and website.

I like that–not bad for just sitting around sipping coffee.

It happened out of the blue.

The thing is, if you don’t keep writing, then it’ll never happen.

As writers, we always have a choice.

Always keep in mind that someone (you never know who) can trip over your writing and be impressed.

I say… Keep Writing.

12 thoughts on “Sometimes Good Things Just Happen Out of the Blue”

  1. Congrats. Love when that happens. Rare..for me at least, but FUN and I need a kick in the pants to get back at it. Glad you got home. Patti


    1. Hey Patti.Thanks for stopping by. This has now happened to me on two occasions. It’s funny because you never know who’s reading and what they may like. I hope you got your kick in the pants. SO glad to be back home. xoxoxo

  2. Wow, awesome stuff! I too believe in putting work out there, no matter how silly you feel about the article once you’re done. It’s not an exact science. You’ll never know until you share your work with the world.

    Wishing you more great events like this, Faye!

    1. Thanks Stuart. You’re so right about putting it out there. You never know who’s reading it.. It may seem silly or unimportant but it may resonate with one person and that’s all you need. I gave up on perfectionism in my articles simply because then I’d never publish anything. Go…put yourself out there!! Thanks Stuart.

  3. Way to go! I once was participating in a homeschooling email group, and I was contacted by a magazine in Netherlands asking to use what I’d written–and they translated it into Dutch and sent me a copy as well, which I still keep for inspiration to remind myself how important our written words can be, wherever we post them 🙂

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