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What a Writer’s Retreat Can Do For You

It was a year ago, give or take a day or two, when myself and 17 other writers met at a lake-front lodge for a Writing Wild Retreat. The powerful energy and impact is still with me today.

In one way it feels like yesterday, but with the way the world is now, it feels like it’s been a million years since I’ve sat face to face with a group of writers to talk, laugh, and explore. This whole pandemic thing keeps us distant and remote. You can love Zoom until the cows come home, but let me tell you there’s no comparison to the actual physical meeting with writers, their ideas, and the intense spirit of creativity and spontaneity.

It makes me so sad because the energy you can get from gathering with like-minded people is so exciting and is the biggest thing I’m missing during this difficult time.

Just a year ago we were together–learning from each other, building our social circle, and embracing all things writing.

I am still in touch with the writers. I’ve watched them grow as they continue on their journey of sharing their creative endeavors with the world. I learned a lot that weekend.

I’ve always been a believer of things happening for a reason. That weekend was so special and I met people that I would’ve otherwise missed on this fabulous sojourn through life. Each and everyone of them touched my heart in one way or another. I believe each of them holds a special place–be it long or short– in my life because it’s meant to be.

From the group at the retreat there have been many successes—contests won, courses taken, peer and industry recognition recieved, books published, poems/stories/novels written, homes bought and sold, swimming pools installed, and even one cross-country move. There’s been the uniting of two kindred spirit poets and an ignition of energy to pick up the pen and continue writing. I feel blessed to have been a part of something so special.

It was great weekend and those memories will live long and true.

Now here we are facing the challenge of connecting while trying to social distance and keep the bubble small. It’s a tough one but we must continue to persevere and reach out to stay in touch. I’m only an email away.

Thanks for reading My Twisted Writer Brain.

8 thoughts on “What a Writer’s Retreat Can Do For You”

    1. Hi Nancy. Yes. It WILL happen….let’s hope it’s in this decade…lol… A retreat or event is so inspiring I know you’ll love it. I’ll make sure you get there. Thanks for stopping by. xoxo

  1. Hi Faye, I enjoy reading your blog! Thanks so much!! I’m with you, Zoom is OK, but thank G it isn’t forever!! It’s only technology!

    Nothing can replace human contact. The energy that excited writers share in a room is phenomenal!! I really miss attending in-person meetings, retreats, workshops, etc. We are meant to connect in a very real way!

    Let’s hope that 2020 provides many successful vaccines so that we can all get back to meeting in-person!!

    Keep on blogging!! Thanks and cheers, Nancy ??

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    1. Hi. Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting. I agree…I think many are over zoom meetings. There’s nothing like that person to person energy. Let’s hope we can all be back together again soon. Thanks again. I hope to “see”you again.

  2. I’m with you–the thing I miss most is meeting up with other writers for encouragement, instruction, and fellowship. Zoom is a weak substitute for IRL community, in my opinion. But it’s also true that lots is still happening in the local writing community, even if we can’t get together!

    1. I can’t wait until we can all meet again. I miss it so much. I think it so stimulates the brain and spirit. Just biding our time I guess. **heavy sigh**

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