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Auntie Advice on How to Stay Humble When Making Life Choices

When I thought about my blog this week, the word humility came to mind.

For purposes here today I want to look humility when we think about choice. I’d define it as practicing modesty and unpretentious behavior in relation to others views and behavior.

In life, there are choices we all make. Some are easy—-like pizza or sushi? But others are deeper within us and need to be made from a place of consciousness and humility.

Know that we are all fallible. We make mistakes and are worthy of forgiving ourselves any shortcomings. Like Maya Angelou said: When “…you know better…do better.”

If given the opportunity to gloat, don’t do it. Believe me, when I say it’s not attractive on anyone. It makes you look petty and immature. Always take the high road if given the choice.

Stop and consider walking in his/her/their shoes. Stay classy and don’t judge.

If you put down the other guy then you’re just as bad as him. Remember: “Know better: Do better.”

If you find it necessary to spout your views, know that not everyone wants to hear them. Opinions…Whether academic, religious, political, or personal, belong to you. Know your audience.

If you purport to live a certain type of lifestyle, then live it. No one will begrudge you unless you demonstrate otherwise. Hypocrisy is not a choice that bodes well with anyone.

Know that truth comes from more than one source and your enemy/opponent/competitor may have some really good points if you stop and listen. Someone’s else truth may add to, or broaden, your own. You’ll never know until you try.

Allow yourself to grow and think outside the box–especially if you’re in the same box as you were five or ten years ago. Stuck for no reason other than tradition is not a good place to be.

If you choose, embrace the truths (leave the rest) that others may share and don’t be afraid to let your armor fall.

The world is a crazy place–now and always. Even after this pandemic and all the different things happening around the world, it’s still going to be crazy. But. Maybe, just maybe, you can listen a little differently, give the other person a chance, and move forward in humility.

Auntie Lesson of the Day: We’re all different and that’s a very good thing. But. We’re also very much the same which is even more important because we have the ability to understand and empathize. Important life traits.

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