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Introducing Joshua Pantalleresco Podcaster, Streamer, and Narrator. Part 2.

This is the second part of an interview with writer, author, columnist Joshua Pantalleresco. Click here to see the first part of Josh’s interview.

He is a very busy guy as he also does streams live, hosts a podcast and is now also narrating audio books. Podcasting is a broadcast that has an audio component. It can be visual as well and set for any length of time, on any topic imaginable.

Enjoy the rest of the interview. Make sure you check out Joshua Pantalleresco Part One.

I tell stories and want to help you tell yours. Writer, Podcaster, Streamer, Narrator.

Joshua Pantalleresco

PODCASTING: Why did you turn to this instead of writing full time?  

What makes you think I don’t write full time?

I mean, I’m more well known for my podcast, but I have five books out there. Soon six, and I also do freelance writing. I got a column with First Comics News. I write all the time. 

Side Bar: Joshua’s books are available on Amazon. Here are the links to Alice Zero and Cloud Driver.

What is the overall theme of your podcast?

I want to hear your story. I do casual conversations with authors.

I’ve had Kelley Armstrong, Rob Sawyer, Fonda Lee, and Spider Robinson on my show. I also have people like Heather Chambers, Mckayla Eaton, Morgan Shamy, Jonas Saul, and AJ Vrana.

I have creatives of all shapes and sizes and we talk about anything and everything.

I talked to Spider Robinson about his White House visit.

I talked the discipline of sports with Morgan.

The content is interesting, but what I learn about the person is incredible.

I know what Robert Sawyer and Fonda Lee have in common with attitudes and hard work.

I know what authors just getting started are trying to work on. And I learn things about myself too.

I’ve been very rewarded with this show.

I have a list of people that I’d like to guest on my podcast. They include Stephen King, Brandon Sanderson, Ilona Andrews, Lights, Diane Birch, Grant Morrison, Colleen Doran, NK Jemisin, Kevin Eastman, and Jeff Smith just to name of few.

What challenges and obstacles have you faced in getting established as a podcaster?

I’ve had to teach myself sound engineering from scratch. It’s been a process. Getting myself to be consistent is the constant challenge. I have no issues getting guests or content.

Now the challenge is to get people to listen and get things like sponsorships.

I think I’m good enough to make a living at this, and that’s the goal.

That means more sponsors, more advertisers, and just an investment to scale. I’m working on it. I have over 425 shows and I’m just about into my sixth year.

You can listen to Just Joshing on any app you like or click here to go to the main page.

What’s your favorite question to ask a guest?

The one that never airs. 

When I do a mic check I always do a line to each guest. 

“Say something funny.”

It’s hilarious no matter what I hear. It’s also a great icebreaker.

Any tips you’d give anyone who’d like to start their own podcast….whether it be about equipment, how to get guests, what what what?

I’ll give you two pieces of advice.

FIRST: Find something you’re passionate talking about. Don’t worry about the equipment so much.

SECOND: Get yourself into a groove about what your show’s formula is. Get that down, and you can tell a story anywhere.

Is there anything you want to add? 

I started an audiobook service.

That’s right, the voice of Just Joshing is available to help you tell the story you want the world to hear. 

I am finishing my first book for a client and it has been an amazing experience.

If you’re a science fiction person in particular I can do it.

Click here to go to Joshua’s page for more information.

Alice Zero is out now.

If you want a cool mashup of Alice in Wonderland as Greek Mythology, with Alice as Pandora, you can check out my amazon page here.

My stories are different. They will take you to far away worlds and speak on matters of the heart. 

Here’s Cloud Driver. Click here to purchase.

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Some Final Thoughts…

Thanks for having me, and guys…

…believe in your story and let your voice be heard. It matters.

Joshua Pantalleresco

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