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Who Wins When You Perform Random Acts of Kindness?

I read a blog the other day where the author talked about random acts of kindness and how she realized the fundamental lesson of giving without expectation.

This is not a new idea, but it is often one we forget as we scurry around in our busy lives and don blinders to many of the realities taking place right before us. Like this decorated tree in the scruff of the roadside by my house. I don’t know how long its been there but one day the sparkle caught my eye and I smiled. I love that someone took the time to do this. I think it’s beautiful and kind.

Did you know February 17, 2021 is Random Act of Kindness Day? Doesn’t it seem a little sad that we have to actually designate a day to doing something nice for someone else? Shouldn’t that be something intrinsic within us where we want to make someone else’s life just a wee bit better?

I guess the answer is different for everyone and that’s okay. We’re fortunate enough to live in a world of choice and free will (thank goodness!) but I do want you to consider~~just think about it~~the choice is still yours– doing something for a stranger for no other reason than be kind.

2020 has already had enough stress and angst, we don’t need anymore. The Christmas season will be one like we’ve never seen before with its isolation and restrictions, so why not just step back, breathe, and be kind.

We’re all tired of the pandemic, the horrible rise in deaths, and the constant messaging telling us what to do. You’re not alone. Fuses are getting shorter and people are frustrated as they try to do what’s right, or necessary, for their own family. Maybe~~just maybe~~a kind word, a recognition of humanity, or a realization of tolerance can make you feel better–whether giving or receiving.

I think with random acts of kindness, we all win.

You can consider donations of gifts or money but it doesn’t have to cost you anything. When you’re out and about over the next several weeks consider the following list of things that are free (or nearly).

Here are five ways you can simply share a feeling of good cheer without having to go out of your way or even spending money.

  1. Hold the door open for someone. That may seem rather obvious in that it’s good manners but sometimes I think it’s a lost art. I see people of all ages open a door as someone is exiting but they just barge through. Try stepping back and letting someone through before you. Seriously–a random act of kindness.
  2. Let a car into your lane. Don’t ignore the driver and pretend you don’t see them–it’s not a competition. Let them merge, it’s simple, costs nothing, and is kind. A little wave and you’ve done something good for a stranger. Now, if you’re the one let in–please acknowledge with a wave because it just feels better that way.
  3. You know the guy who standing with the sign at the edge of the parking lot–it says need food, anything helps–give him a buck or a bag of groceries-no questions, no judgment. That person is someones child. You don’t know their story. Just a thought. Be kind. Be humble.
  4. Let someone cut in line at the check out. Be that person that steps back and lets the lady with two whiny kids go before you. Seriously, it’ll probably cost you ten minutes but will lessen her load in having to try and keep everything together. Again. No judgement–just kindness.
  5. Wear a mask–even if you don’t believe in it. Don’t be a grump about it or grumble about your rights as a citizen–just do it. This is a gift you can give to those who are immune compromised or vulnerable. Remember, it’s a season of giving and the idea is to give joy to others without expectation or resentment.
  6. And, bonus–since #3 might cost you a buck I want to throw in the random act of smiling. I know most of us are wearing masks these days but believe me if you look beyond to someones body language and eyes, you can tell whether or not someone’s smiling at you. So, even with your mask on, give a big smile and pass on the sentiment of good cheer, positive thoughts, and well being. If nothing else, you’ll feel better.

Stay strong and stay as positive as you can in this unusual year. Don’t put others, or yourself, in jeopardy. Just be kind.

14 thoughts on “Who Wins When You Perform Random Acts of Kindness?”

  1. Doing these things makes you feel content and happy with yourself. You feel great when you smile at a stranger and they smile back.

    1. Hi Pip! Thanks for stopping by. Yes. It doesn’t take much to share the kindness does it. Smiles are the best and I can’t wait until the masks are gone and I hope to see many, many smiles. xo

  2. When I read the title, I wondered if “preform” (forming or shaping beforehand) was intentional or not 🙂 Which encouraged me to read the whole post to see… While “random acts” are most often not planned ahead (e.g. #1, 2, 3, 4, and 6), some really are “preformed” thoughtfully (e.g. #5). And I guess that keeping in mind the whole idea of random acts of kindness, and watching out for opportunities every day, is really an important “preforming” in our minds and hearts, right? So yes, I’m guessing that the title’s “preforming” was intentional–whether consciously or sub-consciously 🙂

    1. Oh Norma! You’re the best. I love the way you can look at something and still turn it into a positive. Thanks for giving me credit for such a clever idea as those “preformed” acts of kindness but alas…I can’t tell a lie…typo. Lol….You’re the best. Thank you.

  3. I hand out “Scratch & Win” lottery tickets to clerks who help me. Wow – the smiles on their faces are priceless & it only costs me a buck. Yep, giving & receiving smiles is precious. A kind, cheerful greeting to a homeless or street person also garners smiles & sadly, often looks of surprise.

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