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How to Use Your Media Kit to Help Boost Your Marketing

What the heck is a media kit?

Are you a business? That could mean writing a book, self publishing, a public speaker/teacher, or maybe you’re getting ready to hit the big time, you should have a media kit. If you’re looking to market and sell a product, now or in the future, then you should take the time to prep a media kit.

A media kit is a package you put together that’s all about you and your work. It’s a tool in that marketing bag that you use to promote yourself and your product.

I’m sure you’ve seen on Contact Pages of different websites where it says: “Media Kit Available Upon Request”... By offering it this way anyone can request it or you can easily forward it to anyone you want to connect with professionally.

You’ve got your website together, right? That platform needs to be built as soon as possible. This is another part of that platform you’ll need to sell your self and your books/product.

How are you going to use this Media Kit?

Prepare the document with pictures, contact information, and testimonials. You can use this to send to journalists or any media outlet, to request they interview you or to get someone’s attention. If you’re prepared and have a media kit then it’s ready to go at a moments notice. It is easily emailed and presents a professional image.

You may also sent it to podcasters or service groups to pitch for a spot to be interviewed or be booked for a speaking engagement. Use your imagination.

A media kit page with all your information is also very handy to have while at conferences (they will eventually happen again) or simply in your briefcase so you can provide the information to whomever you’re talking to. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up sitting beside a famous editor at the airport or something…you simply never know. Don’t ever forget that.

The other thing is that you never know who’s reading your blog or books and they may reach out to you and request your media kit. Take an afternoon and get one ready. Every month or so, go in and update the stats or pictures to keep it up to date.

Below is a media kit that I prepared about a year ago for my other blog Auntie Says. I did this on the free version of CANVA but it didn’t transfer over very well. The colors are much sharper and the contrast much crisper than what is presented below. It also desperately needs updating.

The one below is two pages. You can go longer if you have a packed resume but remember that you’re using people’s time and you want to get out the facts and then engage with them.

Page One
Page Two

Things to include in your media kit:

  • your company logo if you have one
  • stick with your color scheme of your site or logo
  • your bio
  • your stats (be honest…it is what it is)
  • testimonials
  • pictures of yourself (use high resolution)
  • describe your audience
  • all your contact information
  • writing sample (like a small blog post just to show your style)

It needs to be professional looking and present well. It’s you on a sheet so be proud of it.

I hope this helps in your marketing strategies. Keep it close by because…you never know.

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