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What to Do When You Get the Bloggin’ or Writin’ Blues

This is a reblog/rewrite of a post I did in March 2021. Lately, I’ve written very little of anything. The writing blues have hold of me but I know I can warm up my writing pen and get back in the game.. For now though I’ll need to remind myself why I write or blog in the first place.

Until recently I wrote TWO different blogs. Total is five days a week posting. Ive been doing it for about three years with a year and half of that being full-on five days/week.

I also write novels and sometimes, even short stories. I have three novels written. I have an agent. My books need a loving home. sigh… Such a long process.

The thing is, today as a result of doing so much, I’m starting to feel the Bloggin’ and Writing Blues…

insert guitar pickin’ blues music here… 🎶🎵🎶

It’s important that I remind myself why I started and why I need to continue…

insert saxophone solo blues here…

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Why I Blog….

I started my blog as a platform for the future.

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Initially I was told I had no platform for my non-fiction (which I’m still being told btw), so a newspaper column was born and morphed into a blog (Auntie Says) and then another blog (My Twisted Writer Brain).

So, what’s all this about needing a platform? Really, it’s all about having a ready show-case for your work.

If you have aspirations in the writing world, like writing a novel or a non-fiction how-to book, then a blog is a good place for readers to get to know you.

A blog is also useful if you have something you want to sell. There are many creative people who blog about almost anything you can think of.

It gives you a voice.

And, hey it keeps me writing everyday.

It also clears my very cluttered and often chaotic brain.

If a publisher, editor, or other professional googles my name–it doesn’t come up empty. Try it–just google me. I actually have some real estate on the web and that wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for my blog. And just a reminder that if you haven’t googled your own name in a while, you should. Just saying.

A blog for me is a means to an end, in that it’ll be my platform when I hit the big time. Yup, that’s my plan. The New York Best Seller list. I’ll be there–don’t you doubt it. I have to keep believing.

So blogging is also why I write. I have three novels.

First is INSIDE OUTSIDE which is Women’s Fiction where the reader is taken on an emotional rollercoaster of two main characters who are dealing with their own issues and yet find each other. Life can be lonely until you’re slammed in the heart by love.

My Second book CAN YOU SEE ME? is a Young Adult book that deal s with domestic abuse and alcoholism. Heavy stuff but the characters are amazing and situations, real. This is the first in a trilogy.

My Third book is Date With the Devil which is also Young Adult and deals with the varying versions of society–from high school, to neighborhood, to rich v poor. So much to consider. This book requires one, maybe two rewrites, before it’s ready for the editor.

Does A Blog Help?

Well, that’s a good question to ask of someone who’s got the Bloggin’ Writing Blues… But I will say I have many followers and people who visit my blog on a regular basis. I so appreciate that. Keeping up and writing fresh content does get overwhelming sometimes but the pressure is always self-inflicted.

Along with my blog, I’ve also been able to put together a monthly (or so) newsletter. When I first started writing I didn’t really understand the importance of this but it is a huge and powerful marketing tool that one day (on my way to the New York Times Best Seller list perhaps) I’ll be able to use.

The thing is that sooner is always better than later. I don’t want to be scrambling to try and get my name out there when I climbing that list…I’m doing it now.

I think a blog helps people–anyone really–get to see another side of your personality. I mean hey, let’s face it–writing isn’t an easy thing to do. It not only takes time and effort, but also takes talent and persistence. To continue writing helpful, informative, and enjoyable posts is huge. It’s a great challenge.

I believe a blog takes you forward. It’s difficult sometimes because the statistics can become an obsession… yup…let’s chat.

A word about the newsletter!

If you’re not subscribed make sure you do. You can either sign up on the pop-up or email me at and I’ll confirm your subscription. The reason I say this is because I put stuff in the newsletter that doesn’t make it into the blog. Stuff like freelance call for submissions or free pdf’s. Believe me, I try and keep them fun, informative, and short.

Blog Stats…

The analytics (a word I never even contemplated) of blogging are very interesting. The statistic analysis will show you what country your readers live in and what they read– I have to fight to stay away from the stats and just continue writing.

Stats, and/or the lack thereof, can be devastating and really get me down.

It’s tough when I work really hard to put together a well thought out blog post and then only have 10 visitors. I have to continue to believe though. Believe.

I see or read other blogs that are minimalistic in nature but have tens of thousands of followers and hundreds of comments –I want that.

How do you get that? Well, for the most part it’s kind of like The Field of Dreams… If you build it…they will come!

The idea is that if you write nothing, there’s nothing for anyone to read or interact with. I’ve been told that content is king. You must be predictable in publishing on a regular basis (which I am) and the build up of posts will bring readers (I believe). It’s about keeping the faith that the readers will actually show up and engage. I’m hopeful.

This really is the most difficult thing. You have to be in for the long haul and not expect to be an overnight sensation–though I’d be okay with that…really, I would.

If you see a blog like mine. Don’t just click the wee star to “like” it. Maybe go in and read it and comment. Oh that’d be nice.

What Should I Blog About?

I see this question a lot–especially in online forums for bloggers wanting to make a living as a blogger.

Seems rather mixed up doesn’t it. The career choice is made but there’s zero skill, motivation, or know-how.

If you don’t know what you’re going to blog about, you’ve got trouble. Or, you’ll be the break-out star who everyone loves…sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason.

Find your niche or write a bit about everything. Readers will either find your writing fun and informative and follow or they’ll will move on. It’s all good. Just make sure you keep writing.

To directly answer the question: what should I blog about?

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Write down 100 things. I don’t care what. They could be memories, a random thought, food, the weather–whatever. Now write 500 words about each one. Just like that. Boom-you have a random thoughts blog.

Now if you want something specific, (don’t go so narrow that you run out of ideas)–instead of “children” do “family”; Instead of “Baking”–do “Foods”; or instead of “losing weight” do “wellness or self care”.

Do you see how each is a bit broader? Now do the same thing… ie: Family–make a list of 100 things related to that topic. It could be the kids, food, the car, finding a babysitter, time management…Make your list and get writing.

With each of those 100 things you should be able to get another list: ie: the car–how to keep it clean, on the go snacks in the car, how to change a flat, leather or fabric? Don’t limit yourself. Let your imagination take off.

Sigh… I got me the Bloggin’ Blues…

Blog Momentum…

The only way to keep your blog momentum going is to show up.

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You need to write consistently. Share those blogs on social media (I do FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter) and respond to any and all correspondence received through said blog. I signed up for Pintrest but for me the learning curve is just too much and I stepped away. I don’t want to waste my time on that.

Here’s FIVE things that I hope will help you.

  1. Keep your energy high in your writing. It does show through. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t be vulnerable or real. Readers want the real you and not some robot. If your energy is low or something has happened then discuss it. Let readers know what’s going one.
  2. Keep notes and keep your brain constantly thinking of your blog. For example: if you’re driving along the highway and you have an emotional response to something–maybe you see road kill or experience road rage–ask yourself–how can I make this experience into a blog post? Remember to note down the main points. The world is your inspiration. The grocery store, the park, the gym…
  3. If you’re getting bored doing the same type of writing, change it up. People love lists. Make a list of something–anything–make it fun.
  4. Talk about yourself. Like today–I have the Bloggin’ Blues. It’s light and fun and yet hopefully informative. Add pictures of your personal life into your blog. Readers like to see the real person behind the name. If you’re doing a blog on fashion for example, it’s okay to show up in your pj’s once in a while and show your human side.
  5. Use tools like headline helpers, photos, sub-headers to make your blog easier to read. You know, if I click on anything and at first glance it just paragraph after paragraph of writing–chances are I’ll move on. People want quick reads. You can still do longer posts if that’s the type of writer you are but make some effort in your formatting. How does your blog post present itself. Does it welcome the reader in and lead them down a path or slam them with long narratives with no breaks? Think about it.

Remember the blog and all your personal writing is yours. It not only represents who you are, but is a reflection of you in this vast world.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed it.

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10 thoughts on “What to Do When You Get the Bloggin’ or Writin’ Blues”

  1. Such great inspiration, needed when those dreaded blues hit … what was I writing again ? Indeed lists are popular which I think is because both the theme and format is very clear 🙂

    1. Hi and welcome.
      Oh those dang bloggin’ blues… lol. Yes, they get everyone don’t they.
      Sometimes for me I have to stop the notion of trying to “produce” a blog and just let my voice flow. Have a short conversation with everyone. That always makes me happy and relaxes the writer brain.
      I sure hope you stick around and read some more. I appreciate you taking the time to stop, read, and comment.

  2. Do your stats tell you about email opens, as well as blog visits? Because I almost always read your emails, even if I don’t visit your website! Those stats count too. 🙂

    I think it’s normal to go through motivational slumps with everything we do. You’re such a positive person, I bet you’ll bounce back lickety-split!

    Btw, I’m currently reading a book called The Happiness Equation by Neil Pasricha. It has some interesting things to say about goal-setting and our tendency to shift the goalposts on ourselves. You might find it interesting.

    1. Hi Zena. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Sometimes I forget that open stats count too. It’s really true that ‘behind the scenes… there’s a lot going on with the whole stats/sharing/reading world. Sometimes though they “count” they don’t necessarily show up on my stats. I do need to keep the hidden stats in mind.
      I was just saying to another reader how much we run, run, run and forget to take the time to recharge until you hit that proverbial wall. Well, it got slammed right into me. lol. Feeling much better though and am bouncing back.
      Oh…and the goal post shifting… omg…sooooooo true! I’ll have to look that one up. Thanks Zena. xo

  3. A super blog Faye. Lots of good info for we who are always thinking of platform, and how to stay interesting in our blogs and writing. Good job, I think you have banished your blogging blues away 🙂

    1. Hi Caryn. Yes. I’m feeling much more positive about writing again. I read something today that said ‘if you run into a wall, sometimes it was put there to lean on and rest…’ That really struck me as so true for my situation. Thanks for stopping by and for the great positivity. Love it. xo

  4. I’ve definitely been in a slump this year – I think I last posted in January or February? I DID however give birth to our second daughter in October so…I did accomplish that little thing… All that to say I enjoyed reading this post and I empathized with it! I’m excited to use some of your tips to get back into bloggin again in the new year 🙂

    1. Erin! It’s so good to see you back and congrats on the baby girl! I would not call that a “little” thing to accomplish. That’s so exciting. I’m so happy that all went well for you.
      Priorities shift and morph. This year has been one of growth and change for me. I seriously needed a break and wasn’t allowing myself that. Once I acknowledged and accepted that I felt so much better. You’re a very talented writer and I know you’ll be back when life allows. xo Talk soon.

      1. Thank you! Eleanor is already almost 2 months old and all of us are doing very well with the transition. I’m very lucky to have two sweet girls.

        I’m so glad you were able to take a break yourself and that it did you good! Burnout is definitely real. Thank you as well for the vote of confidence! You have no idea how much that means to me. I’ll be back very very soon!!

      2. Ah two little girls. How lovely. I can’t believe it’s been two months already. Breaks are so underrated and so necessary. Looking forward to reading your blog again— when you’re ready. No pressure. Merry Christmas to you and yours. 💕

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