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Welcome to the Week in Review and Tying up Loose Ends!

I sure hope you had a great week. It followed Valentines’ Day and went straight into I Read Canadian Day and boom…we’re right back at the weekend already. Incredible how that keeps happening.

Don’t you love this picture of Piper?

I was always told that when a dog places her paw on your arm like that it’s her way of saying I love you. She’s such a gentle sweetheart who just loves to be loved.

The weather has continued to snow and blow but apparently there’s relief coming in the form of milder air which will probably mean rain. All good.

Fun on Social Media

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This week started off with national holidays in Canada and the USA. In Canada it was Family Day which led me down the path of questioning what “family” actually was and how there are so many different ways to look at. Take a look if you missed it. The thing we need to remember is the individual choices make us who we are and family supports/understands/accepts that about us.

While we’re still thinking family, if you have a younger person in your life that needs to be reminded of some life skills–like showing up on time…. have a look at these Ten Free Life Skills. Please feel free to share.

Humor…did you read my humor column? Ugh…I never really know whether I hit that sweet spot or whether it just reads as pure gibberish. Have a quick read if you like.

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Wine Country Writer’s Festival…

Oh, September is going to come fast. We have a lot on the go and the Writer’s Festival WILL happen this year though perhaps in a unique fashion.

Start sharpening your pencils people. There will be a writing contest and lots of exciting things happening. Stay tuned and subscribe to the website if you want to keep up with all the goings on.

Stay well. We’ll chat soon.

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