My Twisted Writer Brain…

The Weekend Perspective on a Busy and Sleepless, yet Productive Week

Can you believe it’s the weekend again already? Even with this pandemic still hanging over our heads, the days seem to fly.

This week I got a tremendous amount done but not necessarily what I wanted to. Isn’t that always the way?

Me and Piper out on a walk.

So here’s the thing… The pandemic brought with it an influx of virtual meetings, gatherings, and pseudo-socializing. It drives me crazy because in my mind I want to go to all of them… but often when I get there I want to slink over to the door and slip out. Shh…don’t tell anyone.

In “real life” (aka pre-pandemic), I belong to three different writers groups and am also involved in many online collaborations. I can not wait for the in-person meetings again. Oh my. To do a write-in and not be sitting at my desk would be ahhhh-mazing.

This week I only did one meeting. It was all about non-fiction critiques. It was fabulous. The people really do make the meeting, don’t they? The funny thing about that group is I joined after the pandemic started and have only ever met one of the members in real life. Hopefully soon we can share a cup of coffee.

So, this week meant lots of walks with the dog and clearing of the mind.

I finally finished a rewrite on my manuscript at the request of my agent. I then sent it to a beta-reader who had a couple of suggestions…. almost done.

I didn’t make my goal of entering a writing contest for every month this year. I did January and have already been informed that I didn’t even place. I need another home for that one obviously.

February, I didn’t get any extraneous work submitted. Maybe I can do two for March. We’ll see.

Blogging is like a full time job sometimes. I do it five times a week and sometimes even more depending if something big is going on.

Right now I’m also deep in the trenches putting together the first ever Wine Country Writer’s Festival. This will be held September 24 and 25 VIRTUALLY. Last year was to be the first one but we cancelled due to covid and this year is still too early to meet in person.

The line-up is FABULOUS and I’m putting the website together. Make sure you save the days. There will be a writing contest too…with cash prizes…Oh man oh man…how exciting is that, right?!

This week I also did a blog on some calls for submissions and contests for March 2021. The thing is that I did a similar post in February but I didn’t check the info close enough and many of the contests had either closed or were limited in location and age for entering.

So I hope you checked out my Auntie Says blog this week. I ended up with two conversations around tattoos. Read all about my take on body art here and then scary stuff here. Lots of fun.

And don’t forget to check out My Twisted Writer Brain. It had a tough week. Very little sleep and a very busy brain. It never stops but you know, I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Hey! This week we cut off our cable.

That was difficult but in the process saved about $100 a month. Unreal. I already miss a couple of my shows but have Prime and Netflix. I did sign up for a 30 day trial of StackTV on Prime. We’ll see. If anyone has any suggestions for streaming please let me know.

Well, as I put another week to bed I want to tell you all how much I appreciate you following and reading. I will be putting out a newsletter in the next week or so. If you haven’t subscribed please do so here. Still up for grabs is the free PDF poster to remind you of getting rid of those filler words.

Enjoy your weekend.

Keep going at whatever keeps you going…lol.

Personally, can’t wait to get my vaccine and then book a flight somewhere just for the heck of it. Yes, please. Whee… Hmm where would I go first? (see this is why I don’t sleep…)

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