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I Got Me the Bloggin’ Blues. How to Keep the Momentum Going


I write TWO different blogs. Total is five days a week posting. Ive been doing it for about three years with a year and half of that being full-on five days/week.

The thing is, today as a result of doing so much, I’m starting to feel the Bloggin’ Blues…

insert guitar pickin’ blues music here…

It’s important that I remind myself why I started and why I need to continue…

insert saxophone solo blues here…

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Why I Blog….

I started my blog as a platform for the future.

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Initially I was told I had no platform for my non-fiction (which I’m still being told btw), so a newspaper column was born and morphed into a blog (Auntie Says) and then another blog (My Twisted Writer Brain).

So, what’s all this about needing a platform? Really, it’s all about having a ready show-case for your work.

If you have aspirations in the writing world, like writing a novel or a non-fiction how-to book, then a blog is a good place for readers to get to know you.

A blog is also useful if you have something you want to sell. There are many creative people who blog about almost anything you can think of.

It gives you a voice.

And, hey it keeps me writing everyday.

It also clears my very cluttered and often chaotic brain.

If a publisher, editor, or other professional googles my name–it doesn’t come up empty. Try it–just google me. I actually have some real estate on the web and that wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for my blog. And just a reminder that if you haven’t googled your own name in a while, you should. Just saying.

A blog for me is a means to an end, in that it’ll be my platform when I hit the big time. Yup, that’s my plan. The New York Best Seller list. I’ll be there–don’t you doubt it. I have to keep believing,

Does A Blog Help?

Well, that’s a good question to ask of someone who’s got the Bloggin’ Blues… But I will say I have many followers and people who visit my blog on a regular basis. I so appreciate that. Keeping up and writing fresh content does get overwhelming sometimes but the pressure is always self-inflicted.

Along with my blog, I’ve also been able to put together a monthly (or so) newsletter. When I first started writing I didn’t really understand the importance of this but it is a huge and powerful marketing tool that one day (on my way to the New York Times Best Seller list perhaps) I’ll be able to use.

The thing is that sooner is always better than later. I don’t want to be scrambling to try and get my name out there when I climbing that list…I’m doing it now.

I think a blog helps people–anyone really–get to see another side of your personality. I mean hey, let’s face it–writing isn’t an easy thing to do. It not only takes time and effort, but also takes talent and persistence. To continue writing helpful, informative, and enjoyable posts is huge. It’s a great challenge.

I believe a blog takes you forward. It’s difficult sometimes because the statistics can become an obsession… yup…let’s chat.

Blog Stats…

The analytics (a word I never even contemplated) of blogging are very interesting. The statistic analysis will show you what country your readers live in and what they read– I have to fight to stay away from the stats and just continue writing.

Stats, and/or the lack thereof, can be devastating and really get me down.

It’s tough when I work really hard to put together a well thought out blog post and then only have 10 visitors. I have to continue to believe though. Believe.

I see or read other blogs that are minimalistic in nature but have tens of thousands of followers and hundreds of comments –I want that.

How do you get that? Well, for the most part it’s kind of like The Field of Dreams… If you build it…they will come!

The idea is that if you write nothing, there’s nothing for anyone to read or interact with. I’ve been told that content is king. You must be predictable in publishing on a regular basis (which I am) and the build up of posts will bring readers (I believe). It’s about keeping the faith that the readers will actually show up and engage. I’m hopeful.

This really is the most difficult thing. You have to be in for the long haul and not expect to be an overnight sensation–though I’d be okay with that…really, I would.

If you see a blog like mine. Don’t just click the wee star to “like” it. Maybe go in and read it and comment. Oh that’d be nice.

What Should I Blog About?

I see this question a lot–especially in online forums for bloggers wanting to make a living as a blogger.

Seems rather mixed up doesn’t it. The career choice is made but there’s zero skill, motivation, or know-how.

If you don’t know what you’re going to blog about, you’ve got trouble. Or, you’ll be the break-out star who everyone loves…sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason.

Find your niche or write a bit about everything. Readers will either find your writing fun and informative and follow or they’ll will move on. It’s all good. Just make sure you keep writing.

To directly answer the question: what should I blog about?

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Write down 100 things. I don’t care what. They could be memories, a random thought, food, the weather–whatever. Now write 500 words about each one. Just like that. Boom-you have a random thoughts blog.

Now if you want something specific, (don’t go so narrow that you run out of ideas)–instead of “children” do “family”; Instead of “Baking”–do “Foods”; or instead of “losing weight” do “wellness or self care”.

Do you see how each is a bit broader? Now do the same thing… ie: Family–make a list of 100 things related to that topic. It could be the kids, food, the car, finding a babysitter, time management…Make your list and get writing.

With each of those 100 things you should be able to get another list: ie: the car–how to keep it clean, on the go snacks in the car, how to change a flat, leather or fabric? Don’t limit yourself. Let your imagination take off.

Sigh… I got me the Bloggin’ Blues…

Blog Momentum…

The only way to keep your blog momentum going is to show up.

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You need to write consistently. Share those blogs on social media (I do FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter) and respond to any and all correspondence received through said blog. I signed up for Pintrest but for me the learning curve is just too much and I stepped away. I don’t want to waste my time on that.

Here’s FIVE things that I hope will help you.

  1. Keep your energy high in your writing. It does show through.
  2. Keep notes and keep your brain constantly thinking of your blog. For example: if you’re driving along the highway and you have an emotional response to something–maybe you see road kill or experience road rage–ask yourself–how can I make this experience into a blog post? Remember to note down the main points. The world is your inspiration. The grocery store, the park, the gym…
  3. If you’re getting bored doing the same type of writing, change it up. People love lists. Make a list of something–anything–make it fun.
  4. Talk about yourself. Like today–I have the Bloggin’ Blues. It’s light and fun and yet hopefully informative. Add pictures of your personal life into your blog. Readers like to see the real person behind the name. If you’re doing a blog on fashion for example, it’s okay to show up in your pj’s once in a while and show your human side.
  5. Use tools like headline helpers, photos, sub-headers to make your blog easier to read. You know, if I click on anything and at first glance it just paragraph after paragraph of writing–chances are I’ll move on. People want quick reads. You can still do longer posts if that’s the type of writer you are but make some effort in your formatting. How does your blog post present itself. Does it welcome the reader in and lead them down a path or slam them with long narratives with no breaks? Think about it.

Remember the blog is yours and represents who you are in this vast world.

44 thoughts on “I Got Me the Bloggin’ Blues. How to Keep the Momentum Going”

  1. Loved this. Real. Helpful. A good reminder. Thank you. Your favorite sister in law 🙂 Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy! I’m so glad you found this helpful. It was fun to write actually and a reminder for me too. xo From your fave sister in law. Faye.

    1. Thanks Claudia! I’m so glad you liked it. I found it motivating to write so that was fun. I hope it resonates with some. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. So appreciated. xo

  2. Great advice, Faye! It’s hard to keep sending your words out into the wild blue yonder and then wonder if anyone is really reading them or being touched in some way by them. Building a platform for anything is challenging. I am still building and I have no comments most of the time!! But, like writers (and painters and…) our craft is our inspiration and the rest is – well, now a days I suppose it is to be determined! Best of luck. It’s coming. Let me know if I can help – re:sharing on my platforms. Warning – they are VERY small!

    1. Ah Thanks Eileen! That is so kind of you. This particular blog was really fun to write and actually gave me a boot in the butt to get going. Yes, it’s difficult to get going sometimes but if you just keep going, it’ll come together. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It’s so appreciated. xoxo

  3. So easy to catch the blogging blues. I’ve keep a few blogs articles in a special folder for those times I just can’t bring myself to write something new. I don’t that’s cheating. 😉

    1. Hi. That is the FURTHEST thing from cheating. lol. I think that’s smart. Yes. I do the same. Always some sort of fluff floating around that I can publish. But you know what happens with me is all I have to do is sit down and start typing and boom–done. I forget sometimes that just being ourselves is enough. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. You made my day. xo

  4. Do you track email opens as well as site visits? Because lots of people could read your emails but not visit your site and those people count as part of your audience/platform too!

    1. I do not track email opens. I can do that on my mailer list I’m not sure I can see it here on my site. I do know however that many go out but then it’s often crickets. It’s like doing a book review…people forget or don’t see the use in commenting. The thing is that writing this blog brought back my perspective and I already feel like I’m back on track so no worries. Thanks for reading and commenting though. It means a lot . xoxo

      1. Yeah, I usually read your emails but don’t visit the site and there could be lots of readers like me. In which case, you could be really underestimating your engagement by not counting email opens. Glad you’re feeling back on track in any case!

  5. Faye! I really enjoyed your post today. I ‘met’ you during Traci Skuce’s ‘Write your First or Next Book’ online gathering. I thought it was wonderful. I’ve also attended some online classes with Marion Roach as I am writing memoir. I tend to be an introverted, hermit writer and COVID has really supported that but now that I’m getting more involved in the ‘writing community’ I have heard the message to ‘get myself out there’, ‘build a platform’. I am trying – presently getting a website together and have joined Twitter and set up a Facebook page . . . neither of which are linked or very active yet but I’m working on it. Your blog today really hit home with me and thank you for that! I will continue to follow you along the writing route and since you are in BC and I am in Alberta . . . maybe we’ll even meet one day! I’ll let you know when my site is up and running. Good luck with your climb up the Best Seller List . . . I’ve no doubt you’ll get there. Thanks again, and have a wonderful day! Laurel


    1. Hi Laurel. Good to hear from you. Yes, those dang bloggin’ blues. lol. I’m actually feeling much better now after writing that post. It kind of put things back into perspective for me.
      I’m glad you’re starting to engage on twitter and facebook. My links are on my page. I’ll follow you back. There’s a lot of really great people out there. We’ll meet eventually . I’ll be speaking at Word on the Lake festival if you want to look it up. It’s virtual. I’m also in the throes of organizing a writing festival in Penticton. Phew…so much to do. Keep writing and avoid those blues. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Made my day. oxox

  6. This was great, very relatable about reviewing those stats, I can’t tell you how many times a day I do that. I am trying to discipline myself in that area. 😊 This was very helpful and authentic.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. So Appreciated. Lol…just those dang stats. They’ll be the end of me if I’m not careful. Welcome and Thanks for commenting. xo

  7. Hi Faye. I’m going to keep this to refer. I really struggle to get ideas at the moment. This is great advice, especially the note taking x

    1. Hi Pip. Sorry it took me so long to answer. Moving slow these days. Absolutely post the list where you can see it. If you send me a topic I can break it down for you…I’d love to do that for you.

  8. Lol, I gotta admit, I Google my name far too often for my own good. Yeah, and the great thing about being a writer is that your bad experiences can often be turned into a blog post, so it’s a win-win in the end! Thanks for this post, Faye!

    1. lol…I don’t google my name enough! Sounds like the bloggin’ blues hit you for a bit too. Experiences are fodder for the blog…so true my friend. Please be safe. ox

  9. Excellent post! I would just add that it’s a good idea to check out blogs that other folks are doing successfully–particularly in your own topic area. Analyze what they are doing right (besides the lucky ones who are already famous for some other reason…). And make comments on some of their posts which you particularly like, so other readers can find you that way. The blog owner might even check out your blog and mention something they liked, so their followers might check it out too. And you can also offer (once you’ve commented a few times with good ideas/perspectives, so the blogger recognizes and respects you) to do a guest post for their blog.

  10. This was an informative post and a pretty good read! It seems easy to hit those bloggin’ blues when there’s so much to take into consideration. You’re doing great though. You know what you’re doing!

    1. Hey Dalen. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it. Thanks for your kind words. I like the idea of an electric guitar and the bloggin’ blues…but they come and go. Hope you’re not a stranger.

      1. I actually don’t use my Gravatar. I just stick to here. This isn’t the first time someone’s had trouble getting to my page though, I’m honestly not sure what the problem is

      2. This is what it says…. doesn’t exist
        Do you want to register
        So did you change you’re url? you might just need to update it.
        I had a similar issue and didn’t even know.
        Your gravatar is automatic on wordpress and if you don’t update it people can’t find you. funny enough I just completed a blog about it that’ll publish on tuesday the 19th.

      3. YaHOOOOO You’re up and running my friend. That psychedelic front page is very cool and now I’ll keep an eye. Welcome to the community Dalen.

  11. I have been having the blogging blues and definitely found this post helpful thank you for sharing great content! Looking forward to reading your future posts.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and thank you for your kind words.
      I don’t think most people realize how difficult blogging is, but it worth it to keep going. Don’t let those blues take over! I have some a great blogging blog coming up this month. Keep your eyes peeled. And Keep Writing!

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