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Welcome To the Week in Review and my Whine-fest About Daylight Savings Time

The week started with Daylight Savings Time which meant moving the clock ahead one hour. Losing that hour of sleep is devastating and beyond stupid.

There’s been talk for the last few years in British Columbia (the Province in Canada where I live) of getting rid of the whole thing and I really hope they do.

The practice was introduced over a hundred years ago and has now outlived its usefulness. The idea of having shorter days in winter and longer days in spring/summer just wreaks havoc with sleep patterns and mental health.

Just make it stop already. Let time be time. I’m not meant to be a time-traveller. I’m not Dr. Who. Fingers crossed for next week. If you’re someone who likes daylight savings time. Tell me why.

I’ve been tired all week and now you know why…and it’s not my fault.

It’s been a week of getting things done too…

This week I managed to get two–yes two–short stories submitted for a contest. I’ll let you know in May how they did.

I now have also prepped two poems and am looking for a home for them.

This week I wore green on Wednesday to tip my hat for a Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I love Ireland. I visited there with my niece to run a half marathon. Such a great visit.

This week was also a very productive one in seeing the organization of Wine Country Writer’s Festival 2021 move forward.

This is a festival being organized and put together by Jim Jackson and myself. It was supposed to start in 2020 but Covid stuck it’s nose in the plan and ruined it.

So, this year we’re going virtual. But ohhhhhh, it’s gonna be good.

We have some FANTASTIC speakers, we’re going to do some panels and a slush pile, AND there’ll be a writing contest with CASH prizes!!

Jim and I have many ideas to make this unique and fun!

Believe me I’ll keep you posted as things get settled into place. It’ll be an event worth registering for.

Hey! Did you know I’m presenting at Word on the Lake Writer’s Festival.

This annual Festival normally runs up in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. Such a stunning area of the world. But due to covid is again virtual this year.

I’m participating in the Cafe Lit readings on May 7th, 2021 and then during the weekend will be doing two workshops. One on Figuring Out Freelance Writing and the other on Crafting Your Short Story.

I’ll also be doing Blue Pencil’s which is a critique on the first page or two of a story or chapter. There’s still time to register for the event if you’re interested.

Make sure you check it out. It’s always a lot of fun and great energy.

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And of course it wouldn’t be a weekend post without Piper. She doesn’t like Daylight Savings Time either and is currently napping. Here she’s just wishing the whole thing didn’t have to happen. lol

Okay…it’s 7pm (which means it’s really 8pm–I’ll do the conversion for at least the first week, if not longer) and it feels like 10pm so gonna go snuggle with Piper. Have a good weekend everyone. See you Monday.

Piper wishing daylight savings time wasn’t a thing…

5 thoughts on “Welcome To the Week in Review and my Whine-fest About Daylight Savings Time”

  1. Hi Faye, My sentiments exactly re: daylight savings! Looking forward to “seeing” you at Word on the Lake. What are the dates for Wine Country Festival? Xox Patti


    1. Hi Patti. The WCWFestival will be Sept 24/25. online. Yes…I sure hope this is the last year for changing the clocks…Thanks for stopping by. So appreciated.xoxo

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