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Weekend Review: Canine, Kids, Coast, and Oh So much FUN! Come check out What you Missed.

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oh my don’t I look so cool when it’s over 100 degrees…I don’t like the extreme heat but that doesn’t mean you can’t look good, right? lol.

Hey did you notice that I didn’t do my weekend post last week?

What? You didn’t?

lol…I’ll let you off the hook.

After surviving the week at home of 40+C degrees (that’s like 110+F) I needed to get outta town.

Here I am with my lovely floppy hat and shades on…oh my God…it was stinkin’ ugly hot. yuk…

So, Piper and I travelled down to the Vancouver area on the coast of British Columbia–about 5 hours from home and one short ferry ride.

I went down to visit family and have some kid fun.

My wee niece (aged 4) and nephew (aged 7) we played, giggled, cooked, and had a great week while their ma and pa worked away in the office.

We even went to a movie at a theatre and were three of six people in the theatre.

Here we are on one of our dog walks. The kids were fascinated with the poo picking up aspect of dog walking. I think I may have had to do it only once all week!!

It was fun to have popcorn and hang out with the kids. On the way home, Piper and I had a windy hug on the ferry. She’s such a good girl.

on the ferry! winds were blowing!

So, how’s life treating y’all? Good I hope.

Summer is such a busy time. Did you get a chance to check out my blogs? I posted this pic on Instagram of me holding a sign. Tell me your honest opinion. Do I look like a complete idiot?

I really want more people to engage with me about what’s important to them. If you ever have a question or concern don’t hesitate to send me a message. If I can’t answer it fully, we can at least begin the conversation.

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Hey! Have you been following the Britney Spears saga about her conservatorship? I became interested a few months back after watching a BBC show about the #FreeBritney movement and I feel so sad for her. It’s not only fascinating but it’s a sad representation of the legal system. Spears earns millions of dollars a year and yet isn’t in control of her own money. She wants to have a baby but isn’t “allowed” to remove her IUD. What? Where is her Freedom. Interesting read.

I’d love you comments on any of my Auntie Says… stuff.

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As a writer do you ever Feel Scattered? That’s the way I was this last week. After returning from such a fun and busy time away it was hard to jump back onto the keyboard. I think it’s important that all writers know that this happens and to regroup can take time and patience.

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Though time has passed and a lot has happened the words still flow. Whether as Auntie or The Writer, I’m here.

Don’t forget I’m also here in the capacity of being the Organizing Director of Wine Country Writer’s Festival. Have you checked it out?

Pitches to top Toronto based Agent Sam Hiyate are filling up quickly. If you’re interested you should probably get on that.

And…are you entering the Wine Country Writers’ Festival Writing Contest? There’s only a matter of weeks left to enter. It’s only $15 and you can enter short fiction, non-fiction, or poetry. Make sure you check it out!

I forgot to tell you about the fire.

I returned home on Saturday July 12 and this fire began the next morning not too far from our house.

Now, if you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll remember that a year ago we were evacuated for over a week due to a wildfire.

To see this out the window was deja vu and a frikken nightmare. Fast forward and the winds shifted taking the fire away from the town. Though it has grown and still not under control, no towns, people, animals, or structures are in danger at this point. What a week.

Preception is difficult but this is “across the street from me” but about 2 kilometers away. I ‘felt’ really close. It grew quickly and aggressively and the smoke hangs in the air now.

Well, I think we’re all caught up!! Please leave me a comment with your thoughts.

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