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How to Brain Storm 100 Topics To Point You In the Direction of Hundreds of Blogging Ideas, Titles, and Questions.

A while ago I wrote a post about having the Bloggin’ Blues about keeping the momentum up while you’re blogging. Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with new ideas and fresh fodder to write about.

One of the best ways to get inspired is to go for a walk where there are a lot of people and observe with your brain, heart, and eyes wide open. It’s amazing what you’ll see, hear, and imagine. But that’s not always possible so in that post I said pick 100 …anything– then write 500 words on each.

Well, geez that’s real helpful isn’t it? Um, no. So, I want to show you a bit more detail on what you can write about, how to find topics and how to spin them.

Choose a Broad Topic–the broader the better. It could be things like beauty, writing, animal, parenting, teaching… Remember, you’re only limited by your imagination.

I’ll demonstrate what I call the START 100. Since I’m in my office right now, my broad topic will be “Offices”.

Now I’m going to examine the space around me and make note of 100 things/items/randoms that pop into my mind whether physically in my office or from my imagination.

Make the initial list of items/random thoughts and then later go in and fill in possible blog titles (I’ll list them in italics).

It’s amazing where the brain goes…For example I listed cork board and wine came to mind; and I listed water cooler and it made me think of the coolers they use to transport organs for transplants. You NEVER know where your brain will take you.

Ready. Here goes…

ComputerApple or PC? Is Bigger Always Better? Do I Need a Desktop and a LapTop?

Tea CupAre You A Tea Tootler or a Coffee Chugger? Five Creative Things To Do With an Old Tea Cup.

PensGel or Ink? Can you Edit With a Blue Pen?

Be Amazing carvingStrive to Do Your Best! 10 Ways to Define Amazing! Positive Affirmations! What is the History of Indigenous Carvings?

This “Be Amazing” Carving is in my office amongst the books. When you break it down and start thinking about “Amazing” “Carving” “Wood”… so many things spring to mind.

Percy the TrainAll About Train Travel! Toys For Children!

CandleRomantic Dinner Recipes! Are you Ready for A Blackout? Ten Items to Always Have on Hand! Ten of the Most Relaxing Scents for Candles. Bathtime For Mama–5 Ways To Relax.

Printer-Does Everyone Need a Printer? Ink Prices are Killer.

Water BottleStaying Hydrated While Working. Does the Size of the Bottle Matter? Plain Water or Add-ins?

ScissorsHow to Cut the Excess Spending and Save Money. Crafts For Kids.

Green wallsWhat Color Inspires You? Does Color Have an Impact on Productivity?

TylenolDo You Suffer From Migraines–Here’s What I Learned. Know When to Seek Medical Attention.

Mustard Recipes With Mustard. Going Camping…

Family Photos Photos-A Memory. Are the Pictures Telling the Whole Story?

Desk Calendar- Do You Still Use a Paper Calendar? How to Set Goals and Timelines.

Snack Drawer What’s in Your Snack Drawer? Sweet or Salty? How To Avoid Snacking While Working.

Kleenex/TissueWhat was the Last Movie that Made you Cry? Oh Oh–is it Covid? Household Staples to Keep in Supply.

BooksWhat have you Read Lately? Recommendations? Steps of Writing the Next Bestseller.

Coffee Mugs Are You Adding Milk? Soy Milk Vs. Almond Milk. Coffee Mugs for Writers.

BookShelfWhat’s on Your BookShelf? Do you Prefer the Book to the Tablet?

FridgeOpen the Door and What did I Find? Hmm…the Mystery and History of Mold

Pillow Feather, Foam, or a Combo? A Poem About a Pillow.

BlanketReview of the Weighted Blanket. Is it Okay for My Five Year Old to Still Carry Around Their Blankie?

Step Stool-Challenges For Those Under Five Feet Tall. What’s in Your Top Cupboards?

NotebooksI’m Obsessed With Notebooks. Are Notebooks Passe?

Ear BudsAre Ear Buds Damaging our Hearing? Which Do You Prefer–in the Ear or Over the Head?

Cell Phone Android? Ten Tops Apps for Your Smart Phone. Are You a Writer? How to Make Notes on Your Phone.

PlantsHow Much is Too Much Water? Apps to Identify Flower v Weed.

BroomHistorical Facts of Prairie Witches. Who Needs a Broom When You Have a Vacuum.

BoxesHow to Repurpose A CardBoard Box. Where Did This Box Come From? The History of Making Cardboard.

TreadmillMy Top Ten Incentives for Getting on the Treadmill. Is Your Treadmill a Magnet for Junk? Treadmill Desk–yea or nay?

Chip ClipHow to Keep Food Fresh. Let’s Examine What’s Really in That Snack.

HighlightersWhat Your Highlighter Says About You?

Chair-What You Need to Know About Ergonomics. Posture While Typing–5 Tips To Avoid the Backache

Door-All glass or six panels? What Do I Need To Know About Doors and Who Really Cares?

Yes, on my desk there is a Zebra eating jelly beans from a china candy dish that is actually an ashtray! Wow…start breaking that down. And of course my loyal friend Percy the Train is always right beside me chug-chug-chuggin’ along!

clicking clockWhat Have I Done With My Life to This Point? Time is Passing and It’s Time to Move Along…

List of filler words- Do You Know What Words You Use in Your Writing Over and Over and Over…??? Language and How we Use It.

Canadian FlagFlags of the World. What is the History Behind the Maple Leaf?

Jelly BeansA Perfect Snack or a New Addiction? Where did Jelly Beans Come From? How Do the Flavor Jelly Beans?

Memory SticksHow to Use a Memory Stick. Do You Back up Your Work?

Award CertificatesWhy You Should Display Award Certificates in Your Office. How to Make Your Own Award Certificate.

Hole PunchWhen You Find a Hole in Your Memory What do You Do? Top Ten Things You Need in an Office and a Hole Punch Ain’t One of ’em!

Ball cap-How ’bout Those Blue Jays? Pick Your Favorite Team and Write a Post Related Back to Your Theme.

BuildingHow Raising Children Starts With a Solid Foundation.

Elevator-Ten Ways You Can Make it to The Top. Five Ways to Get Over Your Fear of Enclosed Spaces.

white board-How I Turned My White Board into a Photo Showcase. What Does White Privilege Look Like for Me and How Do I Learn More?

Shoes-Do You Wear Shoes to Work? Boots v Shoes v Flip Flops? Barefoot All Year Long.

Fly SwatterWhat is The Fly Doing On my Toast? Imagine Being a Fly On the Wall…

Recycle BoxThe Truth About Recycling! Our Oceans–Our Responsibility.

Garbage CanAre You Recycling Enough?

BriefcaseWhat Do People Actually Carry in Their Breifcase–It May Surprise You

LampHave You Ever Heard of Gaslighting? Is a Lamp Necessary?

Extension Cord101 Uses for An Extension Cord in Horror Genre

Cookies-Why Would Anyone Add Raisons? Website and Cookies… Be Aware.

Kettle-Ten of the Best Teas for Energy. Five Different Ways To Make Ramen

Fork–Can You Kill With a Fork? Ten Foods To Eat By Hand.

SlippersIce Skating in all Its Glory. Here’s Why I Love Watching Ice Hockey. How In Floor Heating Saved My Life.

Another tool in my office that can spark some imagination and questions about equipment? Need? Zoom meetings? Making your own videos…. The list goes on.

KeysWhy Do They Have a Key to A City? Ten Organizational Ways To Never Lose Your Keys Again.

Windows-Why I prefer a PC with Windows. When I Look Out My Window The World Comes Into My Room

AngelIs God Really Watching Over Us? Who is Your Guardian Angel?

Parents wedding pictureThe Top 20 Things to Keep in Mind While Planning a Wedding. How Weddings Have Changed Over the Years

Dog TreatsDog v Cat: Which One Makes the Best Pet? 3 Special Recipes to Make Your Own Doggie Treats.

MaskI Love Wearing a Mask in Public. How We All Put on a Mask Persona When We Leave Home. Covid 19. The Flu. Why Many Asian Countries Wear Masks All Year Round.

KeyboardLearn How To Type Faster and More Accurately.

TapeFive Art Projects Using Duct Tape.

HammerWhy All Girls Should Learn to Swing a Hammer.

Business cardsWhat to Include and More Importantly–What to Leave Off–Your Business Cards.

Scribbled notesWhat Do These Words Even Mean? Deciphering Ancient Languages.

Co-workersFive Snacks to Take to Work that Your Co-Worker Won’t Eat. A Short Story About How My Co-Worker Ended Up Dead.

Ergonomic chairBouncy Balls are For Everyone. Ten Great Stretches to Do if You Sit All Day.

Plastic bagThe History of the Plastic Bag–Who Thought This was A Good Idea? The Sea as a Garbage Dump. Global Warming and the Use of Plastics

WalletDo You Still Carry Cash? How We’re Morphing into a Cashless Society. How Many Credit Cards Are Too Many?

PurseShe pursed her swollen lips for a kiss… What’s in Your Purse? Is it Just Old Ladies Who Still Carry a Purse.

CandySugar–a Drug of Choice For Many. Halloween Costumes to Make at Home for Free

EnvelopesAre You Zipped Up Too Tight? Snail Mail: Is Writing a Letter an Ancient Art Form?

ZebraHave You Been on A Safari? What is the Black and White of the Issue at Hand?

AppleTen Apple Recipes. If She’s the Apple of His Eye–Then What am I? What Toxic Sprays are Farms Using on Their Produce?

ToysA List the Best Toys Ever. How You can Provide a Helping Hand to Your Local Women’s Shelter.

Social mediaThe Top Three Platforms to Grow an Audience. How To Use FaceBook to Your Advantage.

Websites-The Best Website for Freelance Writers.

Sticky notesHow Not to Lose Things That Are Dear to You. How To Make Your Own Book Mark.

Stamps-How to Send a Thank You Card That Means More Than an Email.

StairsDo Your Step Aerobics To Your Old Faves on YouTube. How Many Steps Do You Get Everyday and Why Its Important to Know.

Eye glassesFive Reasons Why I Ditched My Glasses and Got Laser Eye Surgery. How Many Pair of Blue Glasses Do You Have?

ShredderWhat Happens to the Paper We Recycle? How to Clean Up the Blood After Putting Your Enemy Through a People Sized Shredder (just seeing if you’ve read this far…lol)

Bottle of whiskeyWhy You Need a Bottle of Whiskey After Putting Your Enemy Through the Shredder. What Does Two Fingers of Whiskey Look Like and How Did That Measurement Come About? What Makes a Great Whiskey?

Water coolerAre You an Organ Donor? Why not? Gossip…What You Need to Know.

CubicleGet Outside of The Norm and Do Something Crazy. How Our Thinking Crams us Into a Box and How to Change it.

How do you get inspired by blank paper, stamps, pens, or glasses? Sounds a little far fetched doesn’t it? But all you have to do is relax and let them speak to you. You’d be surprised.

Chargers-How to Never Lose Your Charger Again. Will They Every Develop a Cordless Charger?

FlashlightAre These Now Artifacts Since We All Have a Phone? Why You Should Keep a Flashlight in the Same Place all the Time.

The dogTop Ten Names for Your Pooch.

Fish tankHow To Clean A Fish Tank. Are You Like Nemo and Anxious to Fly the Coop?

The catIs Kitty Fussy? Top Ten Foods and Snacks for Your Puss.

Cork boardWhere Does Cork Come From and How is it Made? Why Wineries Went From Corks to Screw Tops.

Conference roomDid You Name Your Zoom Room? The Pros and Cons of Meeting in Person v Online.

Family PicturesWhat Does Being a Family Really Mean and Does it Mean Blood?

Do Not DisturbSorry My Brain Is Closed For the Season. Please Check Back Next Year. Privacy Please.

MouseWhy Do I Scream Like a Baby When I see a Tiny Bitty Mouse? How We Portray Mice in the Movies. Track Pad v Cordless Mouse.

Credit CardDo You Commit Your Card Number to Memory? Ten Top Shopping Sites for Size 12+

Blank paperIf My Mind is a Blank Slate Then I’m Always Ready for Anything. How I Like to Doodle While I Work.

Portable HeaterIs it Too Hot? Is it Too Cold?–Nope It’s Just Right!

Phew! That’s a list of 100 things that sparked at least one or two different trains of thought and could go even further.

As you can see, you’re limited only by your imagination. Ideas and inspirations are all around us if you allow your mind to be open to new things and take it that step further. Have fun with it. Just start scribbling and don’t sweat it… it’ll come out.

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22 thoughts on “How to Brain Storm 100 Topics To Point You In the Direction of Hundreds of Blogging Ideas, Titles, and Questions.”

  1. Faye, looking at this list of topics, all I can say is that I can’t imagine how you can focus your attention on anything for more than a half-second.
    Philip Mann

    1. Lmao! Hey Philip. Yes, sometimes I ask myself the same question but that’s also why the blog is called My Twisted Writer Brain. It’s amazing how my thoughts and focus shift and morph. Love it. xo

    1. Oh Aggie, you’re so awesome! You know, those shredders are very handy for other things, right? lol. The great thing is that the list brought up a totally different reference for you. That’s cool. Don’t be a stranger.. oxox

  2. Wow Faye! You’ve inspired me again! What a great idea and wonderful list of prompts to get our brains thinking. I so appreciate your blog. Thank you for sharing such fabulous tips for your fellow writers!

    1. Hi Laurel! You’re so very welcome. I’m glad it helps. Get that writer brain moving…love it! Thanks so much for stopping by and for all the kind words. xoxo

  3. These are fantastic- thank you for sharing them! I’m going to bookmark this post because I got a couple of ideas from this that I want to use.

    1. Hi Sophia. Nice to meet you. I’m glad that you found the post useful. I hope you end up with 100’s of ideas! Thx so much for stopping by and commenting. It’s really kind of you.

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