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Hey! Do You Need any Help or Advice? Asking can be Hard but Not With Auntie. I Like to Give it Anonymously– One Page at a Time!

I’m sure you didn’t think that I literally give advice one page at a time…. lol. But I sure do. Here’s a little Auntie Instagram! If you’re not following, come on over and follow me at Faye.Arcand

You know, starting a conversation can be the beginning of opening up Pandora’s Box, but it can also be an exciting new exploration of life lessons.

Never be afraid to ask me for advice. I like to give it, I like to talk about stuff, and I’m simply Auntie.

lmao…I’m not sure why I’m winking here….that’s a little odd.
Its true. When we ignore what happened before and just hope and pray that it doesn’t happen again, chances are it will. Listen to you gut and make the choice that right for you. Read about GASLIGHTING
Like NO way is this okay. Too many young people don’t know that they can step back. Tell someone. If you are afraid then tell Auntie. Read HERE about workplace harassment.
You have to be your biggest advocate! Don’t wait to be told you’re great…tell yourself. Do You know how Powerful You Are?
Check out Expectations….
Friends don’t leave you out of discussions or treat you like crap. That’s not a friend. Look HERE to see what it’s all about and also about toxic friends HERE.
Get rid of the negativity–it’s exhausting. Read this– all about CHOICE
Are you a little socially awkward. Well, I think we all are. Are You Socially Awkward?

I really like doing these simple positive messages. Let me know what you think!

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Auntie Lesson: Life lessons can come in any form at any time. Just because it’s on a fun piece of construction paper doesn’t make it less powerful. It’s not the outside wrapping, it’s the substance beneath or within. Have a good day.

10 thoughts on “Hey! Do You Need any Help or Advice? Asking can be Hard but Not With Auntie. I Like to Give it Anonymously– One Page at a Time!”

  1. I love this! Such wonderful messages. Oh and by the way I have never heard of gas lighting before so I clicked your link and educated myself. Thank you for the information. 🙂 I had no idea that word existed.

    1. Yay! You made my day. Thank you first of all for the positive feedback. And, the fact that you learned something makes me very happy. I’m so glad you now know about gaslighting–Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll read more.

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