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Weekend Roundup—After a Quick Vacay, I’m Recharged and Ready to Get Back to Work

Piper say Hey! How the Heck ya doing?

Well, about ten days ago, I decided I needed to step back from my desk and take a bit of a break.

Now, we all know there are two kinds of breaks…. the one because you need to snooze and recharge the batteries and the one where you need to step out of the realm of everyday and recharge the soul. In my case it was the latter that was required, so I set out to do just that.

We decided to head to the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island. My hubby and I had both completely forgotten about Canadian Thanksgiving. It just meant there were more people on the move than what we expected. A couple of those folks were down right nasty, grumpy, in-your-face folk…. just a couple though and we didn’t let that taint the trip. It was obvious that they were tied up in something much bigger than themselves–ugh. Others were interesting, kind, and very helpful.

Below you can see the pix of some Vancouver graffiti, a fish market, and a pop into my alma mater in Vancouver.

Being on the west coast of British Columbia can mean taking several ferry’s to get to different islands. One that we caught, saved a special seat just for me. It allowed me to be the queen of the ship….Heck even the sun is shining upon Queen Faye….lol.

The days were filled with sunshine and fresh air. It was wonderful.

The hiking trails and wondrous beauty of the west coast is amazing.

These pix below were at the hike we did into the Skookumchum Rapids. Old growth forests embrace you and muffle your steps. It’s so awe inspiring and filled with so much Indigenous history that it filled me up. I loved it.

We found this old typewriter in a shop in Sechelt. There was something about it that called to me. I learned how to touch-type on a similar machine. Now it’s old, rusty and obsolete…. But I can imagine the stories it pounded out. I can allow my imagination to soar to the limits of the universe with characters that are magical and timeless. This wonderful piece of art has a story to tell….

Below, I’d like to introduce you to Gibson (aka Gibby, aka Gib) the Bunny. He was a very special gift, given to me by a very special person. He is now my writing and travel mascot. Where I go, he will too. He’s soft but strong. Has great listening ears–cause we all know that I can get longwinded…. ahem… And he’s a snuggle bug who loves me without expectation. You’ll probably get to know Gibby pretty well.

I took a whole two weeks off. I haven’t done that for a long time. The last few days, we’ve been home but that doesn’t mean I rushed back to my desk. No. It meant some time lounging around home and not having to be, or do, anything I didn’t want. The well within me is full again and I’m ready to dive back in with renewed energy. I have a semi-plan…meh, who am I kidding? There’s no plan…I’ll just dive back in.

I hope you kept up with my blog while I was away.

There were a few shared blogs from my fellow bloggers but also some blogs that I really want to make sure you read. They’re timely and are important to consider.

See Auntie Says

A Discussion about the Gabby Petito case and violent relationships. Young people really need some direction as abuse in a relationship can be embarrassing and overwhelming. Please read and share with anyone who may be interested or affected. This Is For Everyone Who’s Ever Questioned Love Because of Violence, Abuse, or Manipulation. Here Are Some Things You Should Know.

Another really important Auntie Says to read came about through observation. I saw an older woman pinch the belly of a little girl and call her pudgy. This set of triggers within me and really pissed me off. There are boundaries and even the older people need to recognize and respect them. So see the article: It’s Clear Some Still Need Rules of Engagement When Talking With Young Girls! Here are Five Do’s and Five Don’ts to Get You Started.

And let’s not forget the reposts of blogs from my writing colleagues. Being able to reblog their posts was awesome and less stress.

We also never want to forget the WWW Wednesday. The Whimsical, Whacky, and Wonderful. Check out a couple Here and Here.

Next week, I’ll be back at it full time. Though not all blogging… oh my, I have three–yes three– full length novels that I must complete and get out of here.

Wish me luck and I’ll see you next week.

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