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Six Word Story #7. Come Give it a Try. No Experience Necessary.

Welcome to the Six Word Story. It’s fun and challenging.

The rules are simple.

Study the picture and write a six word story that goes along with the picture, the sentiment, or whatever comes to mind. It can be obscure, literal, emotional, blue–Whatever you see, feel, or are inspired to write.

It’s for everyone to enjoy.

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Make sure you leave your six word story in the comments below (if it ends up being 9 word–that’s okay too! Keep it under 10–shhh…don’t tell anyone) I can’t wait to read them!

Okay, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Here’s the pic! My six word story is below.

My six word story: Latte spilled. Tears. Concussion added insult.

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29 thoughts on “Six Word Story #7. Come Give it a Try. No Experience Necessary.”

    1. Phew is right. Keep the precious stuff safe, lol. Thanks so much. What you did in your short 6 words was give me a clear idea who this character is. Well done. Thx for commenting. ox

    1. Hey Phil! It’s been a while. Welcome back. I love this…. This would probably be me except my language would be even louder and uglier. This captures this guys thoughts perfectly. Thanks for commenting. Don’t be a stranger. xo

    1. Oops. Hit send 🤓 thanks for commenting. I was going to say that if he wore those thingies, his coffee would’ve been safe! 😂. Thanks for stopping by Falcon. So appreciated!

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