Writing a Book

Ten Things a Writer Should Never Do

To do, or not to do..? Well, that really is the question today. Here are ten things a writer should never do. As you learn the craft of writing you're often told how to do certain things and seldom told what you should never do. While writing is a creative endeavor that reflects each individual… Continue reading Ten Things a Writer Should Never Do

Writing a Book

Marketing Your Book: Steps to Take Toward Success. Q & A with Professional Marketer Lacy Lieffers.

If you think you don’t have a personal brand, then I’ll let you in on a secret: Whether you realize it or not, your actions, the way you speak, how you hold yourself, where you go, what you do, what you write, and your work itself all come together to present a perceived version of your brand.

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How To Be a Better Writer with Author Jennifer Manuel

I published my first short story when I was 39, and my first novel when I was 45. I would never have been able to write what I wrote without the life experiences that forty-five years had given me.