My Twisted Writer Brain…

NaNo Is Either Half Full or Half Empty

Even though I sometimes hang out and feel sorry for myself, I won't quit. My muse will return. I know she will. Trying to force her to perform on demand is like asking a painter to deliver a masterpiece every time. The daily word count for NaNo is that forced performance and we all know… Continue reading NaNo Is Either Half Full or Half Empty

Auntie Says, Auntie Says...

Secrets, Lies, and Life Lessons

Do You Keep Secrets? Why do you keep secrets? I'm curious about the thought process that goes into the keeping of secrets. Is it with the intention of protection--either your own or someone else's? A reputation perhaps? or maybe it's a power play--you know something someone else doesn't...that sort of thing? But if you stop… Continue reading Secrets, Lies, and Life Lessons


Come Tell Me One Special Thing About Your Family.

It’s not only about genetics or a place of residence, it’s about a sense of humanity and compassion. It’s about looking out for each other and welcoming a stranger into the fold—dare I say into the family?