Faye Arcand

Do You Need Creative Inspiration? Check This Out.

One day I asked my 19 year old son what social media platform I should look at to get ideas of what young people today are going through, thinking, and discussing. You see I learned a long time ago that the kids don't want to be where their parents are. Facebook is for Boomers apparently and even Twitter and Instagram are (according to my son) getting a little old.


Do You Have Any Idea Who’s Watching You?

Twenty years ago as we wrote on our tired typewriters we didn't have to worry about who saw what we were pumping out--but things have changed. Our world has changed. Every day we're on social media commenting, posting, and liking. Have you ever considered the electronic trail you're leaving and what it says about you?… Continue reading Do You Have Any Idea Who’s Watching You?

Faye Arcand

U.S.A. Student Activism–March On!

My thoughts are with the American students. March on! Columbine. That word pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? It was April 1999 and I’ll never forget seeing the images of terrified high school students running for their lives. I, like everyone else, was horrified and sickened, but It got worse—much worse. School shootings in… Continue reading U.S.A. Student Activism–March On!