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The week in review. Easter, Poetry, Rocks, Edits, and a little bit of Love too.

Piper Says Happy Easter!

Even with all the hoopla around covid and lockdowns it still feels like Easter is really early this year and came very quickly.

Before you know it, summer will be upon us.

This was a week of catch up for me. Catch up on writing and reading.

Get this! I read a YA Fantasy for the first time–ever. Interesting stuff. I think I might do a review on it in the coming weeks.

Piper is doing okay. She has a torn ligament (?) in her back leg. Next week she’ll have surgery. She’ll be flat out for at least two months. That of course means that I’m on a short leash for a while too.

No going anywhere too far away. I’ll be glad when it’s all done and she’s feeling better. She’ll be five years old in June so she’s still a pup.

I’ll keep you up to date on how she’s doing.

Stuff Around the Pandemic

Hubby bought me an Easter Bouquet.

Just a few days ago the BC Government closed all in-house dining for the next three weeks.

The covid numbers are apparently soaring and they can’t get people vaccinated quickly enough.

Easter dinner will be at home with the bubble clan and kept pretty quiet.

Life has certainly been a topsy turvy ride this last year or so.

Before the whole thing hit, hubby and I were ready to buy a second hand 5th wheel and head south right after Christmas.

Well, that of course never happened.

In our imaginations we were able to visit places like Nashville, and the southern US… Maybe even Texas.

Heavy sigh….

Our new normal is a mashup of days to a point where I don’t know whether we’re coming or going. Is it a weekend? Oh…great. lol. But that’s what happened to me because I work from home.

Here is a pic of the beginning of my Blank Page Edit.

So, on my laptop is the first draft of a novel and I typed it out onto my other computer. Things get cleaned up along the way. A lot of work but my first ten, or so, chapters were a real mess and it was difficult to get in there and clean stuff up.

By doing the blank screen edit I was able to go in and begin my rewrite at chapter eight and then go back and forth in the first draft.

It helped a lot.

Rock Painting For Fun…

My fellow writer Ginny Stone is from South Africa. She’s doing a fancy rock Easter Egg hunt around the world. You can read about it at It’s all about leaving a few pretty rocks around the neighborhood. So here’s the start of mine. I’ll put them out tomorrow and post my pix on Sibo’s Facebook Page. So much fun.

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April is Poetry Month

Yay…how fun is that. I want to look at a few different types of poetry this month and get y’all involved in sharing your wonderful words of poetry. Check out the first ABC type poem. I’d love to see what you have to say.

Please come write a poem.

Happy Easter. Have a great week.

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