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The Weekend Is Here! My Review. How Was Your Week?

I hope you got to check out all my posts this week.

Here’s a quick recap. Please check them out, share, repost, and follow.

Better Single than in a bad relationship.

Fit to Write Exercise your body and brain.

Call for Submission for Poetry Take a look at their site as they will also consider short stories

Piper enjoys being outside. Her leg is getting much better

Quote of the Day. First one ever. I hope to make this a regular thing.

What are Dead Darlings? Such a great post for all readers to read and reread. Don’t throw it away–give the dead darling a home.

Did you know that May was National Short Story Month?

Now, that to me is exciting! I Love, Love, Love short stories. I hope you’re going to be on board to learning more about the craft.

I have so much going on I guess my hours are full.

Next week, I’ll be doing presentations for Word on The Lake Writing Festival. I’m excited to be talking about Short Stories and Freelance Writing.

Piper is doing wonderfully and is truly on the mend. Thanks so much for all your kind words and well wishes.

She’s the most patient and lovable dog in the world.

One day we let her go without her cone because it seemed so cumbersome. The only problem is that as soon as our backs were turned she’d start t lick at that incision.

So back on with the cone until the incision is totally healed. Poor baby.

Our other baby came home this weekend too. Only this one drives and has a computer. Lol.

Yes, the spring session of University is already done and our guy has moved home.

It’s been so tough on the kids during covid. All the on-line learning takes it’s toll. We’ll see what happens in the fall.

We’ll have to adjust with our son back home now but I’m so looking forward to having him close by. Mama is happy.

There’s a lot coming up with the arranging of the First Wine Country Writer’s Festival. It’s going to be so fabulous. I look forward to diving into the planning stages as soon as I finish up with my weekend activities.

Remember too that there will be a short story contest hosted by Wine Country Writer’s Festival so sharpen your pencils. The theme will be announced very soon.

Have a great weekend everyone. See you next week.

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