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A Snail, A Dog, and Great Rock Art! Contest News, Festival Update and a Review of the Week. Busy Busy.

It’s Saturday again… time is clipping right along. I sometimes feel like I’m falling behind..or maybe I’m just like the little snail that Piper and I found on our walk this week.

You know, for a little dude that isn’t the most attractive, he certainly has his own beauty.

Look at that shell. It’s so intricate. Nature really is a powerhouse.

This last week consisted of several strolling type walks as Piper begins to strengthen her leg after her surgery.

The weather has been cool, windy, hot, rainy, and everything in between.

June always seems like the most unsettled month where I live.

I remember several years ago when I lived closer to Vancouver, it rained (not drizzle or sprinkled–but full on rain) every day in June.

The rivers flooded. Major highways were closed due to being under water and it was like the sun had disappeared into oblivion. It was a month I’ll never forget.

But fast forward and here I am. June 2021.

There were five blogs this week.

That’s a bit unusual but then again, these days I’m just flying by the seat of my pants.

So I hope you got to check them all out. Just click on the blue.

For Auntie there was a bit of a rant. lol.

People and their manners (or lack thereof) were starting to bug me. I know now it wasn’t just me as many readers said they felt the same.

Auntie also looked at the notion of young women who chose not to become birth moms but forage out special bonds and maternal relationships with the young people in their life.

This could be nieces and nephews or friends kids, cousins, whomever.

This was a very special post because one of my nieces sent me a note saying that I was both a mom and a special auntie with that special bond for her. Such special relationships. xoxo

On the Writing Side of my life there’s always My Twisted Writer Brain firing at 500 mph.

This week I posted a Six Word Story. There are some fantastic response there. Go check it out. Write one if you haven’t yet. It’s fun.

I also posted a call out for June submissions.

And I some thoughts on using cliche in your writing. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it as I’ve included some suggestions to build your own voice and slipping into cliche is just so… not necessary

So during this last week, I found out I got an Honorable Mention in a 24 hour short story contest at Writers Weekly.

It really is one of my favorite contests to enter. Such a great brain exercise!

I also found out that I didn’t even place in another I’d entered.

It’s so funny because it was that contest where I expected maybe third place or something, but got nada, nothing, zilch.

Contests can be very humbling.

You must remember that you have no idea how the person at the other end will ‘read’ your work.

I hope that makes sense–it’s just that we’re all so different and what I like (or think is good) is not necessarily what someone else will think. Never forget that.

It’s not personal. It’s just a matter of taste, or lack thereof.

Last weekend I entered the Furious Fiction which is a 500 word story to be written and submitted within the 55 hour timeframe.

The prompt for FF was tough this month and that’s the first time I’ve entered but it was a fun one to write.

Also this week, the website for the Wine Country Writers Festival is getting more and more complete.

It’s a big job and I’m getting there.

Still to be added are the classes/sessions that the presenters will be teaching.

The BOOK BAR is ongoing.

This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your books for many people to see.

The WCWF website is being shared all over the place.

We even have a registration from Spain)… The cost for the Book Bar is $10C + gst = $10.48 to display up to three books.

The books will be displayed on the Book Bar page for the duration of the summer until after the Festival in September.

Yes, you can include links to your home page and sales links.

You do not need to be attending to participate.

If you’re interested send me an email

I’ll hope you with a few pix of beautiful rock art that Piper and I spotted on our walk this week.

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