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Weekend Roundup–Where Does All the Time Go? Getting Back in the Groove Surrounded by Rain, Procrastination, and A List As Long As My Driveway…

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You’re going to have to trust me, but my driveway is long. It’s not like those ones in the movies that are like a two mile lane with manicured lawns and a canopy of trees to make the drive ever so romantic and special–but it’s still long–but normal long. It’s long enough that you don’t want a list that long. Ugh. Double Ugh Ugh.

How does it all go so quickly? It seems like it was just Monday and BOOM it’s Saturday.

I managed to get my blogs done this week but not much else. There seemed to be a lot of distractions (yes, some in my head…lol…hmmm where’s my book. I want to read–those sort of distractions.)

Have you seen Ted Lasso yet? (Another distraction, I admit). This is a series on Apple TV and it was so original and witty I ended up binge watching both seasons (and know am pouty as I have to wait for season three). The writing is sharp and fresh. If you get a chance then watch. It’s really enjoyable.

On a different note, the rain has arrived and I adore it.

I grew up on the west coast of British Columbia and that means rain. Basically, if you were a local, you didn’t leave home without an umbrella.

Normally this type of weather gets me motivated to get things done, but these last couple of days it’s been an opposite affect. I just want to curl in to my comfy chair with a fluffy warm blanket and book and read until I can’t keep my eyes open anymore. Then I want to just let the book drop along with my eyelids and snooze. Doesn’t that sound heavenly?

The rainy view outside my office window.

Tomorrow edits begin in earnest. On a laptop in a special room, away from my main computer. This is the only way for me to do them.

The revisions I’m doing are on a novel I wrote a couple of years ago. It’s one of those stories that yanks at my soul and screams to be finished but for whatever reason, I fight to ignore it. I know exactly what needs to be done. For the last several mornings, I’ve woken with my brain involved in detailed rewrites of the first chapter. The muse is nudging me.

Some of my readers have been asking about my Newsletter and why don’t I send them out regularly. It’s that little thing called procrastination again. I’ll get to it. I promise. So many sticks in the fire!

I hope you got to my blogs this week. To access from here, just click on the bold color link.

My first Auntie Says post looked at the issue of self deprecation. The act of putting yourself down for humor or other reaction, gets old real fast. There are some thing you can do though to try and break the habit. Go have a look and let me know your thoughts. Stop It With All the Fat Ass Put Downs and Self Deprecating Behavior…It Seriously Isn’t Funny.

The other Auntie Says post is a bit tongue-in-cheek in the presentation. It took me a few seconds to grasp the idea but then I was on-board. Go check it out and let me know your thoughts. This is information all people should be aware of and practice on a daily basis. Victim shaming needs to stop. Go read: The Quick and Easy Guide on How to Avoid Sexual Assault. This Will Surprise You With the True Common Sense of it All.

And for My Twisted Writer Brain, we had #6 Six Word Story. Those are always fun. I’m thinking of upping the word count. Maybe 25 words? 44? What do you think? Would you be more apt to write a quick story if it were a big longer? Maybe 50? Hmmm….So many things to think about.

The other My Twisted Writer Brain post was about NaNoWriMo. There are many writers gearing up for the November marathon of writing. I’ve done the practice a few times and have been very successful at finishing. I would highly recommend the process and jump into the experience if you can. In this latest discussion, I’ve included links to some other posts I’ve done about the preparation for NaNo as well as how you can change it up to make it your own. The links are included in this weeks post: Personal Memories of NaNoWriMo~~The Universal Endeavor to Pursue a Dream

And of course don’t miss my WWW Wednesday post. This is where I look at something Whimsical, Wacky, or Wonderful. The funny thing, is this week I ended up looking at something a bit Weird–which in itself is Wacky. Go check it out: WWW Wednesday #13.

Enjoy your weekend everyone. See you next week.

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