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The Weekend Round Up… West Side Story, Writing, and Wonky Time…

How was your week? Mine was relatively quiet.

It was a busy week of blogging and writing.

Make sure you didn’t miss any blogs this week.

For Auntie Says:

We looked at Career Changes and Christmas Time Overload. Both deal with making choices for yourself.

For My Twisted Writer Brain:

We did a Six Word Story. Did you get yours in? And, the Ten Things Writers Should Never Do. Go read it now and learn.

There was also WWW Wednesday… This week being a bit of wacky whimsy. And of course Round Up.

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On Tuesday night, I went to see the remake of West Side Story produced by Steven Spielberg.


I didn’t see the original movie, but still knew some of the songs and the gist of the story.

What I wasn’t prepared for was how engaged I actually felt with the characters, the history, and the flawed human experience.

The original film was done in 1961 and won a ton of Academy Awards. I’m hoping to soon watch the original, so I can compare it with the one presented now. To read more on the original go HERE.

The movie is a musical Romeo and Juliet type love story. What struck me though, was not the romance between the two young people, but the cultural ignorance of society and how nothing has changed over the last sixty years.

The divisiveness, the poverty, the gangs, and hatred of immigrants is still going on today. All people want to do is survive and have a hope of being able to thrive. They want to dance and enjoy music and movement while celebrating their culture and language, but that is at competition with the assimilation into the larger society.

While the story of Maria and Tony is sad, it’s also a tragedy that we can’t yet look past the differences and embrace the future.

Even if you’re not into musicals, you may enjoy the movie. I’d recommend it.


I can’t believe that next week is Christmas.

I’ve sort of lost track of time.

Since Covid hit my sense of time is skewed.

Like, in March 2022, it’ll be two years since the pandemic started, but it feels like frikken forever! And yet, just before the pandemic, I was in New Orleans running a 10km and doing a wee bit of partying which feels like yesterday.

Here are some pix from New Orleans February 2020. I never thought I’d take a crowd for granted. We had no idea what was about to happen less than a month later. Pictures by Faye E Arcand.

What were you doing during the weeks that led up to the pandemic. I’d love to hear where you were.


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4 thoughts on “The Weekend Round Up… West Side Story, Writing, and Wonky Time…”

  1. One of the places I’d love to have travelled to. Sad to say, it may never happen. Looks like you had a great time. Merry Christmas and here’s to a better 2022. Cheers!

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